Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Our BEAUTIFUL High Skirting Boards!

Welcome to the first post about the living room in our new house! I can't tell you how excited I am to finally get going on sharing this with you! Let me begin by showing you our beautiful new high skirting boards!

high skirting boards

Actually, why don't we backtrack a little, so I can do a bit of behind the scenes explanation? In both the living room and family room, we had skirting board issues. We needed to address some damp problems, which have now been resolved (boring but oh-so-necessary). Remember, this is was our starting point:

Some of the skirting was damaged when it needed to be removed to re-plaster the walls. Some had rotted over time and, to add insult to injury, some had been removed by previous owners in order to fit a kitchen. Poor, poor skirting boards! They were in a bad state....BUT where there's a will, there's a way.... 

high skirting boards

We saved what we could of the good off-cuts of the old skirting to use elsewhere in the house. I saw the whole situation as a golden opportunity towards the first step of adding a bit of pizazz to our downstairs living space.

high skirting boards

What this room needed was a serious upgrade, and adding taller skirting boards is a brilliant way to do this if you get the chance. They add a touch of class - quite literally in the olden days as they were a sure sign of a higher status room.

high skirting boards

What was I looking for in my ideal high skirting boards?

Well, height for one. I wanted them to be at least 20cm These skirting boards from Champion Timber are 24cm high), to give that look of luxury and status to the room. It badly needed a lot of love.

tall skirting boards

Ideally I wanted a flat space at the bottom of the skirting, then a little pattern, and then a bit of a flat indent and then more pattern at the top. Not very clear to say out loud but in my mind's eye, I had the perfect picture!!

tall skirting boards

 I wanted them to be suitable for the age of our Georgian house but I'm not super-fussy about matching to the period completely; after all, you'd expect previous owners to have added their own stamp over the years.

tall skirting boards

I definitely wanted timber for our mouldings. Although mdf can look good initially, the knocks and bangs it will receive in such a high traffic area (foot height!) means that it'll end up looking scruffy, whereas aged wood somehow gains more charm with the dents and dings that inevitably come with time.

tall skirting boards

I wanted them to be nice and deep, with no flimsiness, to give a really substantial impression. (These Champion Timber two-part high skiritng boards are 21mm deep. Perfection.)

tall skirting boards

I spent ages, and I mean aaaages, looking around for suitable tall skirting boards. There is surprisingly hardly any tall skirting available, and I'm not just talking about my fussy tick-list! I searched and I searched and I searched. Normally, we have the problem of too much choice but here there was literally none!...

...until.....huzzah....I stumbled, quite by chance, on Champion Timber and saw, joy of joys, their two part skirting no. 688.

High skirting boards from Champion Timber

Cue angels singing!! 
Cue my happy dance!!
Cue a big smile from you because I've done all the hard work searching for you....!!

High skirting boards from Champion Timber

These are the high skirting boards you need if you want to upgrade your room, and don't want the expense of going bespoke.

  •  manufactured from slow-grown Redwood Pine, tight grain to aid stability
  • smooth finish ready for paint or stain
  • low knot content, straight and true to reduce preparation time
  • sharp defined profiles for quality appearance

High skirting boards from Champion Timber no 688

I describe it as 

High skirting boards from Champion Timber no 688

I'm so, soooooo pleased with my new high skirting boards. They add exactly the wow-factor I wanted, and then some! The quality is second to none. The decision to add these skirting boards is quite simply one of the best moves we made.

All images: Modern Country Style

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Shrub said...

They look stunning. We are looking for the same so I will look at this company! Thanks ☺️ Also the wall colour looks great - can I ask what colour you have used on the walls please?

Lottie said...

Hello - completely gorgeous baseboards! I would love to know the paint colour on the walls? thank you! :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I'm afraid I had the paint colour custom-mixed this time. I'm sorry to give such an annoying answer this time!

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