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The Perfect Fabric To Reupholster A Sofa!

When you think of a warm, inviting living room, what's the first thing you think of? For me, it has to be a sofa. A super-snuggly, inviting, soft sofa that entices you to kick of your ballet pumps and curl up with a great book and a lovely cup of something delicious.

Belgian Style sofa

This post, then, is all about how I found my perfect sofa.

Belgian Style sofa Clarke & Clarke Nantucket in Cinder

I bought this sofa on eBay a couple of years ago. It's a George Smith Howard sofa, a must-have for me as the quality is exceptional, but the fabric wasn't my taste at all. At. ALL. When we moved home last year, I decided that the moment had come at last to get it reupholstered....

Feel free to flick back over that Before and After shot! We chose Clarke & Clarke Nantucket in Cinder, which is absolutely fantastic value, and the sofa, joy of joys, now looks as good when it's squished and squashed....

Belgian Style sofa Clarke & Clarke Nantucket in Cinder it does when it's pristinely plumped!

Belgian Style sofa Clarke & Clarke Nantucket in Cinder

Here's my top tips for finding the perfect upholstery fabric for your Modern Country Sofa! 

1) Look at the Martindale rub count test. This is a measure of fabric durability. As a general guide less than 10,000 rubs should be saved for decorative use only. 15,000-25,000 rubs are suitable for General Domestic. 25,000-20,000 rubs can withstand Heavy Duty Use. 30,000 plus rubs is saved for Commercial Grade use. The fabric we chose comes in at 40,000 rubs!!! That sounds VERY good to my ever-practical ears!

 Clarke & Clarke Nantucket in Cinder

2) Choose a gently greige fabric. It is perfect at hiding the odd marks that will inevitably happen over years of use. The Cinder colourway of this Clarke & Clarke Nantucket fabric is a deliciously muted grey-taupe. It's grey enough to tie in magically with pretty much any scheme, should I want to switch look before I want to reupholster. However, it's also taupe enough to add that much-needed warmth. 

Belgian Style sofa Clarke & Clarke Nantucket in Cinder

3) This is a heaven-sent opportunity to add texture. Remember, texture was one of the ways Belgian Style interiors cleverly add interest without too much pattern. Pick a material in a nubby natural material. All the Clarke & Clarke Nantucket woven fabrics are 100% cotton. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. Bliss!

Howard sofa

This was one of those moment where my mind's eye and my reality have very happily and completely coincided.

I love me a good Before and After and it doesn't get much better than these!

Belgian Style sofa Clarke & Clarke Nantucket in Cinder

And, with that post ready to be uploaded, I'm off to put my feet up on this very sofa!!

Howard sofa

Can you hear my happy snores?!

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