Friday, 13 May 2016

How I've Used The Perfect Jute Modern Country Rugs!!

Our new jute rugs arrived from Next this week and I could not be more excited to share them with you!

Modern Country Living Room

Remember how I talked in the last post about my top tip for finding your perfect Modern Country flooring? I'm pleased as punch to say I've found mine and I'm pretty much evangelical about them! There was even a 5-star customer review (not mine!) on the Next website describing them as the perfect Modern Country Style rug!!

And for good reasons. Every single little thing about these is perfectly Modern Country Style! Let me count the ways...

Modern Country Living Room

The colour is a gorgeous blend of woven tans and greys.

Modern Country Living Room

The price!! These Next Jute rugs are incredibly good value, ranging from only £35 to £130. I tend not to have a specific budget in mind for household items. I just keep looking until I find the right thing and then save until we can get it! It makes the whole process slower but it means I LOVE every last detail! However, when the right product comes up at these prices, it leaves me very smiley indeed!

Our English Fireplaces William IV mantelpiece

The material...the rugs are made from 100% jute, which introduces another natural material to these rooms...

Modern Country Living Room

The texture...the thick weave gives an stunning finish: chunky and luxurious. Just look at this:

Best jute rug

The craftsmanship. These babies are hand-woven so every single one is completely unique!

The fact that these come in a whole range of different sizes, making them ideal to use in adjoining rooms to visually link different spaces.

Modern Country Living Room
So, for example, here we used a 200x290cm sized rug in our living room...

Modern Country Living Room

and in he family room?
{....yes, today is your first sneak peek!!....}

Modern Country Living Room

...we used the 230x170cm size jute rug.

{More on how the family room is coming on very soon indeed!}

All Images Modern Country Style

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vintageandart said...

Love your jute rugs...they add warmth and texture to your rooms and the price is amazing.

Veronica Roth said...

Did you get your wooden ducks in Walingford? I've seen some in the arcade there. Love those little faces. Your home looks lovely.

Sophie's mom said...

I love those jute rugs, and your wood floors are gorgeous! I am considering a seagrass rug for my dining room, do you have any thoughts vs jute?
Thanks, Pat

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love your new rugs! I'm considering a natural rug for my living-room as well, so I took notes while reading your post ;)

Unknown said...

What paint / colour do you have on the walls? Love the look.

Unknown said...

What paint / colour do you have on the walls? Love the look.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Veronica, I got the ducks from The I deal Home Show a few years ago. They were only £5 each!

Sophie's Mum, it's really worth having a feel because different rugs of the same material have different levels of softness. A friend of mine had a Jute rug from Next so I knew I'd love it!

Hannah, a Paint Colour Case Study is coming right up!


Sandra said...

I'm looking for a new rug for our dining room and have nearly always gone to Next, so I may try one of these ones next time.

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