Friday, 8 July 2016

Family Room Reveal Part 1: The Best Fireplaces In The World!!?

Do you remember when I shared, here, my perfect fireplace story for our living room? I'd popped into Wesley Barrell late last year and my Modern Country magpie eyes were immediately drawn to this gorgeous beauty from English Fireplaces

I've had a total design crush on white marble fireplaces and black cast iron arches for as long as I remember so it's no real surprise that I was drawn to it. However, I've seen a gazillion replicas of this style that just don't push my buttons. They miss out essential details, get the proportions wrong or use sub-standard materials.

Our Modern Country Living Room

But by a wonderful stroke of luck, I stumbled upon the PERFECT version of the PERFECT FIREPLACE: this gorgeous hand-carved white Carrara marble surround and cast iron arch insert had my name written all over it! Plus, be warned, it's soft whispering siren call will lure you in faster than you can say 'Modern Country Style heaven'! 

Our family room fireplace!

Let me backtrack a little and say that I'd had a design plan all along for our living room and adjoining family room. There's a chimney breast in each room and I knew it would look great if the fireplaces were very similar in style but not exactly matching, to reflect my intended purposes for each room. 

I wanted the living room to have a more formal feel, and the family room to be a little more you can guess how excited I was when I discovered that the William IV and the Victorian Corbel (both from English Fireplaces) were completely and utterly what I'd had in my mind's eye!!

I've shared how we chose the William IV surround for our living room - I love it's grander feel.

But the iconic Victorian Corbel mantelpiece was exactly what I wanted for the family room. Simpler and more relaxed but still with that stunning period feel.

The panelling on the surround of the William IV, which harmoniously ties in with the panelling we had fitted in the living room, is replaced on the Victorian Corbel with beautifully smooth, perfectly formed white marble.

I love the way these clean sweeps of space give the chance for the subtle veining in the marble to really shine.

The epitome of classic English understated style. 

The Victorian Corbel has enough detailing to show that it carries considerable status but, with typical English aplomb, there's no hint of overkill here.

This fireplace absolutely oozes quality from every carefully carved crevice (and the prices are particularly pleasing as there's no middleman, which means (for this company at least) there's also unbelievably good customer service, with an 100 satisfaction guarantee).

English Fireplaces have got every last detail in both the Victorian Corbel and the William IV so spot on that I'd bet my last pound on this combination still looking lust-worthy in another two hundred years.

And that's not something you hear me say everyday!

If you'd like to create this look in your own home, click here to Get The Look!

All images: Modern Country Style

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Sue said...

Do you have any 'rules' about what to put in an alcove next to the chimney breast? After many years of having a 'fireplace' flush with the wall, I moved to a place that has real alcoves. I thought I'd put in big bookcases, or shelves, or nothing. I like the nothing but I'm wondering it I will be bored with it in the future. I don't need the storage space, but wish I could try something without making holes in the walls. Help!!

The Inspiration Highway said...

This is looking very lovely indeed! I do like that fireplace and how it creates a focal point in the room.

Sherry said...

I love the clock! Can you tell me where to get one like it?

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