Friday, 15 July 2016

Sourcing The Best Tall Period Skirting Boards For Our Family Room!

Once our gorgeous fireplace was fitted (details here) and all the newly lime-plastered walls had finished drying out, it was time to start getting serious about the rest of the family room. Next stop: the perfect tall, period skirting boards!

This space's previous carnation was as a kitchen and many of the skirting boards had been removed to make way for the units so, in this case, we decided to save what we could of the existing old skirting for use in another part of the house...

 ...and then to really up the status of this room by using stunning new tall period skirting. Look at the before and after photos...The effect of the skirting is stunning! The product we chose (25x250mm Nom. 2 part skirting No. 688 from Champion Timber) would be perfect for Victorian Skiritng boards or Georgian skirting boards as its so classic. 

Our house is late Regency (1830s) and consequently has elements of both Georgian and Victorian period details, which gives us a freer reign when choosing period features.

If you live in a period house and are adding new Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian skirting boards then consider using tall skirting boards made from wood. 

Even when it's painted, timber skirting looks so much more authentic. The machining process of mdf makes mouldings that seem too evenly produced to be old, the lines are too harsh. Wooden skirting boards just give the room more life, and more and more so after years of wear and tear.

Sourcing well made, tall, period timber skirting boards took far longer than I'd imagined. Nothing was quite right: too modern, too short, too flimsy.....

Just when I was certain we'd have to go along the much more expensive bespoke route, I found Champion Timber's 2-part skirting no. 688 which could not have been more perfect for our family room.

These beautiful tall period skirting boards are absolutely spot on.
Gorgeous detailing: check
Sturdy timber construction: check
Perfect proportions: check
Excellent quality: check

Champion by name, Champion by nature!

Our gorgeous tall period skirting from Champion Timber means that in one fell swoop, we've managed to get rid of a previously pretty shoddy finish and seriously upgraded the look of the room.

Images: Modern Country Style

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Happeninguponhappiness said...

Where do you get your rugs from? They look lovely. Mind you the rest of the room is looking gorgeous too!

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