Monday, 6 February 2017

Modern Country Favourites: Picture Britain

I came across a new company recently that I love, Picture Britain....I adore both the concept and the products themselves. I'm very proud of being British and, particularly at the moment, I think any opportunity to remind ourselves what a beautiful country we live in is not to be overlooked.

The first thing you'll see when you go to Picture Britain's website is the following words: Beautifully Photographed, Beautifully Framed. I love the idea of turning the stunning views of around Britain, that many of us are so lucky to experience, into works of art. 

Picture Britain pride themselves on their production process, using only the very best materials: high pigment inks, thick mounts, solid hardwood frames, heavy papers.

Drawing from a group of exceptional photographers from accross the country, Picture Britain is able to offer an astonishing variety of photos, from the urban....

The Dome of St Pauls

to the rural....

Photography Print of Fields of Lavender, Hitchin by Matt Freestone  - Picture Britain

to the wild.....

Photography Print of Ingleborough by Matt Smith  - Picture Britain

You may recognise some of the scenes....

Photography Print of West Pier Brighton by Matt Freestone  - Picture Britain

....but others will be new visual treats...

I chose Dark Hedges in the largest size:

Photography Print of The Dark Hedges by Chris Humphreys  - Picture Britain

I've always had a secret thrill passing under tunnels made by trees.....we call them Fairy Tunnels in our family. I can't imagine a better image of such a tunnel. It looks somehow enchanted, eerie and inviting all at once. This is definitely to be treasured.

Every part of the picture oozes quality. Take a look and see which you'd choose...

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