Monday, 8 May 2017

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

It's time for the first sneak peek at our teenage girl's bedroom! 
We chose Dulux Trade Dusted Moss 1 in Flat Matt for the wall colour, which I listed here as one of my all time favourite greys for Modern Country interiors.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

But to describe Dulux Dusted Moss as a standard grey is to completely sell it short. It's a beautifully complex grey green, with a hint of blue; worthy of a much higher price point.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

It's always worth remembering when you're choosing greys with subtle undertones that the more warm light (e.g. south facing) your room receives, the greener the colour will look...

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in sunlight

 and the less sunshine it receives, the cooler (or bluer) it will look.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in evening light

Our room brings an extra layer of complication, as so many rooms do, because it's North East facing but it receives extra sunshine reflected into it from the buildings opposite. However, the light is essentially fairly cool. 

And it's the perfect choice for this space. The green definitely comes to the fore but is never over-powering.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

Dusted Moss comes in a number of different shades and Dusted Moss 1 is the darkest and most green. In fact, you'd struggle to actually notice the hidden depths in some of the lighter shades, they read as far more greyed, so this is most definitely my favourite Dusted Moss shade.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 with chandelier

This is not a colour that changes vastly with the light. As always in my Paint Colour Case Studies, I've taken photos of the room at different times of day and in different lights so that you can see for yourself what you should expect if you take the delightful path of using Dulux Dusted Moss 1...

Here it is at its most green in full sunshine....

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in sunlight

....and here, looking considerably more muted, on a dull afternoon....

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

...and here in cool evening light: see how much bluer it looks?

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in evening light

Dulux Dusted Moss 1 would be fantastic as a painted kitchen cabinet colour. These images show how well it works with white walls for a gorgeous Modern Country kitchen.

Dulux Dusted Moss 1: Click through for The Best Gray Paints For Interiors on Modern Country Style...

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 on kitchen

And here it is gracing uber-cool designer Abigail Ahern's bathroom, contrasting beautifully with that elegant white ceiling and roll-top bath.

Modern Country Style: Designer Abigail Ahern's Bathroom: Dulux Dusted Moss 1- wall colour LOVE!

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in Abigail Ahern's bathroom

Dulux Dusted Moss 1 is a lovely grown-up colour. Perfect for a girl who's growing into a more sophisticated scheme. 

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

Even in full sun, there's no hint of taupe or mushroom tones. Dusted Moss 1 stays firmly in its remit to be a gorgeous grey green at all times - no disobedience here! 

If you're longing for a paint colour like Farrow and Ball Hardwick White but are struggling with its taupey tendencies, then definitely take a look at Dulux Dusted Moss 1. It's a winner!

And if you love gorgeous muted shades like this, then you might like to browse through my other Paint Colour Case Studies.....

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 with chandelier

Choosing the right white to go with subtle colours like Dulux Dusted Moss 1 is essential. Stay to tuned to find what we used in our Modern Country teenage girls room!

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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I'm not into cool greys, but this one has rich undertones that make it warm. I really like the bluer tones that show in the evening light.

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Mary said...

Hi, I really love your case studies. Looking to repaint the lounge into a grey shade. Room is very bright and south facing and this colour looks great but I´m a bit worried might look too green. Also what white for the woodwork and cornicing would you recommend to complement the walls?

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