Thursday, 11 May 2017

Colour Study: Dulux Trade White

Choosing the right white can all too often turn into an after-thought but, today, will you let me give you my secret to a white that ALWAYS looks good? Dulux Trade White.

Dulux Trade White

I see so many of my clients assume that they should choose Pure Brilliant White. It's easily available, it's cheap and it's what everyone chooses, right? 

Dulux Trade White

Step away, my friends! I almost always lead my clients away from using Pure Brilliant White when working with gorgeous muted shades. {Click on the links to be whisked away to a world full of delicate Modern Country paint colours:

I get so many questions asking which white I've used in the rooms I've decorated, and, let me tell you, the answer is more times than not Dulux Trade White.

Dulux Trade White on picture rail

Yes! It's true. Nothing fancy-shmancy here but no less beautiful for that. It's a beautiful white: simple, soft and clean. But the best thing about it is the way it ages. And please remember to take the ageing process into account, unless you want to be redecorating every year. This is where we firmly part ways with Pure Brilliant White, which can often age to a dull grey (a bit too Modern), whilst official off-white colours can become a little yellower than I prefer (too Country). Dulux Trade White gets better with age, like a good wine. With the passing of years, it'll gradually become ever more lovely: white with the gentlest hint of cream. Perfectly Modern Country Style!!

Dulux Trade White and Dulux Dusted Moss 1

Now for the science bit!...

We used Dulux Trade White High Gloss on the all the woodwork and metalwork in our Modern Country teenage girl's bedroom (top tip: if you have different surfaces to prime in a room, make life easy by buying an all-purpose primer to use under the gloss to ensure extra sticking power, and also to give extra depth of colour. Here, we've used Dulux Trade All Purpose Primer).

We used Dulux Trade White in their Supermatt formula, which is perfect for ceilings in older houses that need to let moisture leave the property to avoid damp problems as it's designed to let new plaster dry out beneath it.

Dulux Trade White and Dulux Dusted Moss 1

Using the same trim and ceiling colour in the majority of rooms is a simple way to ensure a harmonious flow throughout your home. 

So, now we've got the basics right in our Modern Country teenage girl's bedroom, let's start layering up the loveliness, shall we?

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