Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Colour Study: Little Greene Normandy Grey Paint

Time for another Paint Colour Study! This time it's a Little Greene paint by the fantastic name of  Normandy Grey.

Our Modern Country Teenage Boy's Bedroom
These Paint Colour Studies are some of my favourite posts to write: they're where I get to show you my very favourite paint colours, and the way they change in different lights and at different times of day, so that when you buy your paint for your own home, you can be sure of knowing what you're going to get.

I'm using images from my own home, alongside lots of pictures of where Normandy Grey has been used in different circumstances to demonstrate what I mean.

Study in Little Greene Normandy Grey

I actually bought a sample pot for Little Greene Normandy Grey about eight years ago but wasn't sure about it at first on my tester paper. What a fool I was! I nearly missed out on what is now one of my favourite colours!


Luckily, Lady Luck smiled on me when I went to visit a friend a couple of months ago and completely fell in love with the colour of her hallway. The paint colour haunted my thoughts. Have you ever had that?

After a couple of weeks of my colour obsession, I asked my friend what colour they'd chosen and was blown away to find it was the very same colour I had had gathering dust at home. Yup, it was the delicious Normandy Grey! 

I can't believe I so nearly passed this one by!

I quickly found the perfect project to use it in: my teenage son's bedroom. Although, as you can see from the different images I'm sharing with you today,  Little Greene's Normandy Grey would work fantastically well in a whole host of different types of rooms. Its watery tones come to the fore in this bathroom...

Little Greene Normandy Grey

And its intensity builds up perfectly as a colour for painted kitchen cabinets...

 kitchen in Little Greene Normandy Grey

Little Greene Normandy Grey is, in my opinion, a perfect bedroom colour....soft and soothing but without any blandness....

Bedroom in  normandy grey little greene

This is a colour that changes a LOT when it's on a big scale. If you've looked at this colour in miniature on the paint chart, or even, like me, bought the tester and had a look at an A4 or A3 piee of paper, and dismissed it, then, please, do yourself the most enormous favour, and take another look, and then another, and another, until you take out your paint brush and use it!

It's fast become one of my most-loved paint colours.

Little Greene Normandy Grey is a rich, sage green-blue.

 Little Greene Normandy Grey

But I almost don't want to describe it in with words. Instead, I wish I could impart to you the feel that it gives out. Does that sound crazy? 

It envelops you, looks after you, and takes away the cares of the day.

Little Greene describe it as 'a timeless stone with undisputed elegance and personality'. Now, had I not seen this for myself, I might have thought this was overly dramatic. A colour with personality? What does that even mean?

But it's true! That's been EXACTLY my experience of Normandy Grey!

The colour is tricky to describe in that it's saturated but yet it's muted - an unusual combination. The colour itself is quite strong (the personality part): this is no pastel softie - but there is grey in the name fro a reason, which accounts for the 'timeless elegance' part!

Because of its stength of colour, Little Greene Normandy Grey builds in intensity very noticably. 

Can you see the difference in this picture between where there is light streaming through the window compared with the shaded area? 

It almost looks like a different colour! Changing from an airy sea foam to a saturated teal in darker corners....

The same is true with Normandy Grey in artificial lighting.

normandy grey little greene

I can't emphasise enough the difference that the type of light you have in a room makes to the resulting colour on the walls.

If, like this room, you have plenty of natural light (we have a big sash window) then Little Greene Normandy Grey will appear airy and pale.

By contrast, in a small room with little light, Normandy Grey will bounce around, building up far more intnesity and give off a lovely, cosy feel. 

 Little Greene Normandy Grey

The colour can be perceived as mid to dark in these circumstances but never too gloomy.

Let's look at how it changes throughout the day. Here is Little Greene's Normandy Grey in three different times of day...

Little Greene Normandy Grey in first morning light
Little Greene Normandy Grey in North-facing sunny daylight
Little Greene Normandy Grey in overcast weather
And did I mention how well it contrasts with white? 
And with bold, bright colours, as modelled by my son's Rubik's Cubes!!

As a floor colour, be prepared for a much paler hue...

Floor paint is normandy grey little greene

And the same goes for furniture. Don't forget that if there aren't plenty of internal corners, there's no room for the colour to bounce around and build up....

Chairs in Normandy Grey (79) Little Greene
Little Greene Normandy Grey on garden chairs

Painted furniture normandy grey little greene
Painted chair using Little Greene Normandy Grey 

Victorian chest of drawers in Little Greene Normandy Grey
Gorgeous Victorian chest of drawers with Little Greene Normandy Grey

Table legs in Little Greene Normandy Grey
Little Greene Normandy Grey looking super pale

Little Greene Normandy Grey
Little Greene Normandy Grey looking moody!

And for use as an external shade, the sun will strip away a lot of Normandy Grey's sultriness, leaving you with a gorgeous shade....

normandy grey little greene on exterior wall
Little Greene Normandy Grey on an exterior wall

Front door painted in 'Little Greene' Normandy Grey
Front door in Little Greene Normandy Grey

Shepherd's hut in normandy grey little greene
Shepherd's hut painted Little Greene Normandy Grey

And back home in our Modern Country Teenage Boy's Bedroom? It's a firm success! 

Modern Country Style Teenage Boy's Bedroom

If you'd like to take a look at my other Paint Colour Case Studies then browse away....

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