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Colour Study: Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

Hello, Modern Country lovelies, 

Welcome back to another Modern Country Paint Colour Study! Sometimes, just sometimes, I'm lucky enough, through my work, to stumble upon something truly special that I simply HAVE to share with you...and today is such a day: Fenwick and Tilbrook's Woodsmoke Exterior Eggshell is one of the very best I've tried in sooooo many ways.

Colour Study: Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

I used Fenwick and Tilbrook's Woodsmoke on the panelling in our new snug and, oh my goodness gracious, I've fallen head over heels in love with this colour. It's the VERY best paint colour I know to use with exposed Cotswold Stone (more on that to come!!).

Colour Study: Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

As with all the best paint colours, it's hard to describe exactly. Fenwick and Tilbrook describe it like this: The colour of smoke changes depending on the material that is burning, natural wood will change the smoke to a pale, warm, grey beige. This is the inspiration for our colour Woodsmoke'.... I'll try and get over my lovestruck jabbering enthusiasm and give you a good clear idea on what to expect...

Colour Study: Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

Woodsmoke is a superbly soft green. But not an obvious green by any's muddily muted green tones create such a gorgeous neutral warmth that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who walks in here comments on how peaceful it feels...and I put that largely down to this precise paint colour.

You can see just what a difference it made by looking at this before photo from when the panelling had just been put in...

And here's almost exactly the same shot with the delicious Fenwick and Tilbrook Woodsmoke on the panelling. As soon as our panelling was painted, the whole room absolutely sprang to life. We'd come and sit down here just to stare at the colour. It's mesmerisingly beautiful....

Modern Country Style Living Room

Fenwick and Tilbrook have created the most perfect mid-toned hue. Woodsmoke contains just the right amount of grey; there's absolutely nothing cold or industrial about this beautiful colour.

Colour Study: Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

A quick word of warning: when painting rooms after significant building work, if you're after the Modern Country Style then try to avoid colours that are too grey because they can make the room appear somewhat soulless. 

Colour Study: Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

Fenwick and Tilbrook's Woodsmoke is green enough to add the perfect warmth of the Country but is still dirty enough (and I mean that entirely in a good way) to feel beautifully contemporary at the same time.

Colour Study: Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

One of the things that is so super special about Fenwick and Tilbrook's Exterior Eggshell (which is what we've used here) is that it goes on BEE-YOO-TIFULLY. No drips, no overpowering smell, no stickiness....just extraordinarily easy to apply in smooth, lustrous strokes for a really fantastic, tough finish....and you most certainly do not get that experience with every paint brand out there.

Colour Study: Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

If you're a fan of muted, gently-greyed paint colours then you've struck gold here at Modern Country Style! Here is Fenwick and Tilbrook's Woodsmoke in gentle evening appears much greyer but still with a lovely softness.

Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

So...overall verdict? I literally could not praise this paint any more. It's perfection in a perfectly packaged paint pot... Woodsmoke harmonises beautifully with all natural materials, stone walls: check! Stripped pine door: check. Iron wall lights: check! Wool carpet? Check! 

Fenwick And Tilbrook Woodsmoke

Fenwick and Tilbrook's Woodsmoke is chockablock-full of character and charm....perfect for an injection of Modern Country Style into our brand new snug! 

Now...have you ever wondered how to give new bare pine that stunning antique stripped pine look? Coming your way soon is a full tutorial...

Take Care Until Next Time,


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Unknown said...

I love this, its absolutely gorgeous with the Cotswold stone! Could you tell us where you sourced your panelling from please?

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Yes, of coourse...I designed it and our joiner built it!!


Unknown said...

Thank you! x

Unknown said...

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