Thursday, 27 February 2020

Are Soundbars Worth It?

You may have noticed that the last post, How To Incorporate A Large Television In a Period Home, didn't mention the sound quality of the television and that's no accident! While the Sony XG95 has fantastic sound, I wanted the whole cinema experience in our new snug so I decided to bring in the pleasures of a soundbar.

It's a game changer!!

Suddenly, television viewing is taken to a whole other level. You can read all the gumpph, all the techy information, but nothing can prepare you for the moment that your tv first connects to your new soundbar (we went with the Sony HT-S350) and you're transformationally caught up in a whole other level of immersion.

Whatever it is that you're watching magically comes alive. You feel as though you're transported there in a beautifully orchestrated heartbeat! For it's lovely neat size (far less clutter and wires than a surround sound system), this Sony Soundbar packs an incredible punch, earning its place a thousand times over!

As a fantastic bonus, we can also stream music via Bluetooth, meaning that this room has become a real hub in our home for friends, for family, for parties, for quiet times...

How To Incorporate A Large Television In A Period Home

Plus the underfloor heating doesn't hurt....the cat loves it!! ;-)

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