Saturday, 22 February 2020

How To Incorporate A Large Television In A Period Home

Here are my Top Tips for incorporating a large television in a period house. We live in a Georgian home and have just converted the basement into a Cinema Room, which means that I can show you in practice how I designed the space around our new Sony 75" television....

How To Incorporate A Large Television In A Period Home

First of all, I'd strongly suggest playing up the other architectural features in your room to provide some gorgeous contrast with old and new. Make the style of the room very obvious and the television will appear part of a cohesive whole rather than a mishmash of lots of different styles.

How To Incorporate A Large Television

In choosing that look, may I suggest that you look no further than Modern Country Style?! Modern Country Style is absolutely tailor-made for introducing contemporary technology, like this incredible tv. It's the Sony XG95 model and is an epically gargantuan 75".

A Large Television In A Period Home

It's worth spending near the top of your budget for new technology to make sure that it will stand the test of time; looking after our environment means choosing to move away from a disposable culture. Buy once, buy well and your room will be a place you gravitate towards. Particular features to look for are an anti-glare surface (which stops annoying reflections). Can you can see this in action below? 

Anti-Glare In Action!

Choose a television which has a very slim profile (how far it sticks out from the wall). This Sony XG95 has a profile of just 6.9cm, which makes it extremely unobtrusive and gives the impression of almost being a decorative feature rather than a massive, bulky television. In fact, the panelling sticks out further than the actual tv!

How To Incorporate A Large Television In A Period Home

...and, my personal favourite for making sure this becomes a well-used room in your period home, prioritise fantastic visual contrast. You want the blacks to be super dark, the colours to be saturated and the range of colour variation to be rich and full. All televisions are absolutely NOT made equal.

 A Large Television In A Period Home

Create a space specifically for the television within your room. The panelling used here provided the perfect opportunity to build a large panel beneath the chimney breast to place our new 75" Sony television.

How To Incorporate A Large Television

Your television is likely to be predominantly black. It'll look far less intrusive if you introduce touches of black elsewhere. Here, for example, I've used black Jim Lawrence wall lights, Annie Sloan black ticking cushion plus my favourite Z monogram cushion from M&S. You can see these as soon as you open the door so that when the telelvision appears in your line of sight, the colour scheme has already been set. Clever, huh?!

Modern Country Style Living Room

Make sure your television cabinet ties in with your scheme and hides as many wires as possible. I'm completely besotted with this one from Oak Furnitureland with its beautiful chunky curves.

Brindle Large Television Cabinet from Oak Furnitureland

I can't even put into words how lovely it is to be in our new Cinema Room. We use it so much more than we'd ever imagined. It's warm and cosy and, whether our new television is on or off, it's a perfect place to snuggle down and unwind.

How To Incorporate A Large Television In A Period Home

Take Care Until Next Time,

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