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How To Make New Pine Wooden Doors Look Old

Over the years, I've searched out lots of gorgeous reclaimed doors...and loved every one...but there are some occasions when the right door simply can't be found, even with a handy carpenter making adjustments. So what's a girl to do when you need to make a new door look like an old stripped pine door? Here's a tutorial for the perfect method for making brand spanking new doors look reclaimed !!

Farrow and Ball Light Blue How To Make New Pine Wooden Doors Look Old

The trick is to start with great doors. This is not going to work with a plywood cheapy door from your local DIY store. The new, replica, 4 Panel Victorian Style pine doors I've sourced previously are from Historic Doors...

How To Make New Pine Wooden Doors Look Old

It's reasonably easy to find good 4-panel replicas but extremely hard to find 6-panel Georgian Style new pine doors. I searched high and low...and eventually came across these beauties from Walcott Reclamation.

How To Make New Pine Wooden Doors Look Old

The shape and the 'solid feeling' should be right but at this point they will look very new: pale and smooth. We need to bring in that olde worlde charm and knocked-about feel. The best way to do this, I've found, is to apply a solution of caustic soda diluted with plenty of water and rub it on with a rag. {PLEASE NOTE THAT CAUSTIC SODA IS LETHALLY STRONG STUFF. USE GLOVES. USE GOGGLES. DON'T LEAVE ANY ON YOUR SKIN.}

How To Make New Pine Wooden Doors Look Old

After the solution is applied, you'll find that the wood will turn yellow. This will settle down somewhat and, depending on the wood, will become greyish and possibly streaky. However, the most important thing that will happen is that the grain will raise. This replicates what happens with wood naturally over a long time, creating that aged stripped pine look in an instant!

How To Make New Pine Wooden Doors Look Old

Leave to dry thoroughly and then wax away! I used Briwax in  Medium Brown...

How To Make New Pine Wooden Doors Look Old

Follow the instructions on the tin for a gorgeous mellow, warm finish that perfectly replicates old pine...but on your brand new doors, giving you that classic stripped gorgeousness!! Magic!!

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HelenatOH said...

That's really useful! Bought our previous doors from someone in Lincolnshire who used reclaimed pine, but they're no longer in business - were finding it more and more difficult to get hold of the second hand wood. :0(

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I know!! That's exactly the struggle I was having... plus the hassle of finding the perfect fit. Isn't it great to have an alternative!

Shelly Wildman said...

This is amazing! Really wish I had known this last summer when we got a new front door. This is exactly the look I was going for (and didn't get--ha!).

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Maybe next time?!!!!

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