Monday, 9 March 2020

5 Tips For PERFECTLY Modern Country Tiles

Choosing GORGEOUS tiles for a small space makes the most enormous difference. Here's a few pointers to help you on your way...

Modern Country tiles

Go for quality...
It's absolutely worth paying that little bit extra for the wow factor, particularly so in a small space like our downstairs loo. The clay base and glossy, undulating finish make these tiles from The Winchester Tile Company stand apart miles and miles from high street equivalents. Each tile is different and finished by hand and its little details like these that really matter where square footage is tight.

Original Style tiles

Don't be afraid to mix and match.
If your tiles will be reaching half way up the wall like ours then consider some kind of border to make the whole space feel more considered and thought-through. Here, I've picked the Cosmpolitan Ogee Moulding Border tiles in Pumice (20 x 3), the Cosmopolitan Field Tile in PApyrus (13 x 13) and then  Cosmopolitan Half Tiles (10 x2 0) in Pumice all from the Residence range. It's those top three rows that pull this whole room together.

The Winchester Tile Company Tiles

Steer clear of anything overly trendy
Generally speaking, trends will date and, just like any other decorating choice that you want to last and last, it pays to stick to classics. Metro-style tiles, simple squares and timeless mouldings will look good forever. Fact!

Original Style Cosmopolitan Range

Don't be boring
Having said that, don't feel you have to be neutral and bland all the way. The Papyrus Field tiles are a cool white tone and the Pumice colourway is a warm grey-green. However, the combination of the different shapes here, combined with the amazing hand-made feel of the glazing means that, whilst the vibe is gentle, these tiles are attention-grabbingly beautiful.

The Winchester Tile Company Border Tiles in Pumice

Always but always choose Modern Country!
How could I miss this step out!!? The mix of muted colours alongside the beautiful rustic edge finish of these tiles creates a look that is sooooo Modern Country and, no surprise, I'm in love!

Small downstairs loo Modern Country tiles

Don't be nervous of designing small spaces. They're a chance to create something really special. Every time I go in this little room, it brings a smile to my face!

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