Friday, 6 March 2020

Beginning To Build The Downstairs Loo!

As part of our building project, we removed the weirdest, smallest, grottiest loo in the world! It was TINY!! What a joyful day it was when our amazing builders knocked the whole thing down!! A total celebration moment of the whole build! Instead, we now how have a gorgeous downstairs loo that visitors can use without fearing for their lives!

Now, I've said it many times before but when designing any small room, cloakrooms being a perfect case in point because they're often on the petite side, the details matter one hundred per cent. Much more so than when the room size speaks for itself. Here's a place (at last!) that you can really go to town because there simply isn't the wall space for costs to mount up!

In particular, I'm talking about the loo, sink and taps. And I'm most definitely talking about the tiles which, oh my goodness, can make SUCH a statement if you choose carefully.

Coming up soon tomorrow, the first reveal of our new downstairs loo!!

Take Care Till Next Time,

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