Monday, 29 July 2013

Nearly ready.....

Gosh, doesn't time fly on blogs!!! 
Three months of solid building work condensed into a week.

I thought of missing out these slightly duller pictures but I really wanted to take you all on the journey with me....albeit the very short route! And, to make up for it, I have included a gorgeous image at the end!!

Our plans mean that we've ended up with two rooms up here, in place of the old, very-grim-indeed shower room. One of these rooms will be the brand-spanking-new shower room, and the other is going to be our grown-up living room/ study, for when the kiddiewinks have taken over downstairs!

The walls are super smooth. The wiring is done. The plumbing first fix is complete. And now we're all chomping at the bit for the exciting bits.
Oh me, oh my!

First stop. wall colour!

Last image via Elle Decor

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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I missed your July posts. The month has been completely crazy at The Little White House. I just caught up on all I missed and boy! am I excited about that new project of yours. Are we on for some new colour study? Great! I can't wait!
Dustly yours,

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