Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Our New Living Room: Before...

Welcome to a brand new year! For us, it's a year that we're really looking forward to. A year of starting to be able crack on with our beautiful new home. 2015 was all about getting the basics right. We sorted out gas and electricity supplies, fixed plumbing, removed unwanted appliances, took out two kitchens, lifted laminate flooring and provided additional ventilation to the basement. All very necessary but very functional, which is why I'm absolutely delighted to finally be able to get on with making things look a little more Modern Country!

Come with me on my journey to completely transform our living room. Are you ready for your first sneak peek of our new house! Here's what it looked like on our first viewing....

Living Room (Flat...:

The downstairs of the house had been let out as a flat for many years, which is why the furniture is rather a jumble. But, look past what we can at best call utilitarian chic, and you can see that it's crying out for a bit of Modern Country love. Look at that window! Huge Georgian sashes. Look at those floorboards! They've acquired the mellow warmth that only time can bring. The open fireplace and period features were the final cherries on the cake, the final flags on the bunting, to make us want this gem for our very own, and all added up to make us feel so very excited about the potential this house has to give us.

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lala said...

So looking forward to reading all about how you turn this house into a home for you and your family. Thank you for taking us on this exciting journey with you!

Sophie's mom said...

Those floors are gorgeous! What fun for you now that the necessary "evils"
are finished, you can get going on the fluffing
Looking forward to seeing more

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Amazing potential in this room! Can't wait to see how you added your magic touch to it. My living-room is also my 2016 project!

Paula said...

Such lovely floors Sarah! Looking forward to seeing the fabulous transformation now that the boring stuff is finished - it must be so exciting for you! Best wishes,
Paula x

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