Saturday, 19 March 2016

How I Got My PERFECT Fireplace!

My perfect fireplace story starts late last year when I was in full planning mode for our living room and thinking, in particular, about white marble mantelpieces with arched inserts (obsession described here!). I happened to pop into a Wesley Barrell and, hear those angels sing, saw this....

...I was, literally, instantly, smitten.

I thought at first that it must be reclaimed because it looked so authentic but on closer inspection I saw this sign:

It's from a company called English Fireplaces. The surround is the William IV and the arched insert (above) is called the Radley (Loving those classic English names!).

I had a good look at the English Fireplaces website as soon as I got home, and, readers, I fell in love!

Can you see why?

Is it all the gorgeous hand-carved (yes, hand-carved!) details? 

Is it the classic period look of the William IV? 

Is it the solid, high end feel of the hand-carved white Carrara marble?

Is it the incredibly reasonable pricing that knocked down my last bastion of resistance?

Is it the way the surround ties in so perfectly with our skirting boards?

Is it the way the soft reflection in our slate hearth makes my heart pitter-patter?

In truth, it was all of these things and more that led me to buying from English Fireplaces. This was a significant purchase and one I've not regretted for even an instant.

As I shared in my last post, I have a major obsession with period-style white marble fireplaces with corbels and the William IV absolutely nails it, design-wise. This is my Holy Grail of mantelpieces!

If you're in the market for a fireplace, either now or in the future, English Fireplaces could not come more highly recommended. If you'd like to get this particular fireplace, you can see how to 'Get The Look' here.

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Shelly Wildman said...

Oh Sarah, it's so beautiful!! Absolutely perfect in that room. And your floors are stunning too, by the way. ;)

All things nice... said...


Looks totally perfect :) Love it...

All things nice...

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful fireplace! My husband just installed one in our sitting room this past fall. It's so relaxing and cozy in the winter time! Quick question, is that a gas or wood burning fire place? My husband and I have a wood burning fireplace. Nothing beats the smell and sound of a nice wood burning fireplace!

Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire And OutDoor

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