Thursday, 14 April 2016

How To Draught-Proof Your Wooden Floorboards

I like to slip in posts here and there to show that there's a person here behind the screen, living a real life here! I think that's the joy of blogs. I'm not here presenting the equivalent of those perfect make-up Instagram shots! This is me living my life; making it as lovely as I can, yes, but living it every day all the same. And, let me be candid, living in a house with beautifully big sash windows and lovely, mellow stripped wooden floors means DRAUGHTS!

Draught-proof your floor boards

Did you know that, apparently, if you take all the gaps between floorboards in an average sized room, it adds up to the same space as a small window. Now, would I leave a window open all year round? Errrr, no! So why do we think we have to put up with the wind whistling round our ankles in the winter months?

Draught-proof your floor boards

We don't have to any more! After a few months spent draped with blankets and throws, I stumbled upon StopGap, a draught-proofing V-shaped plastic tape, in this article in The Guardian, in which it won hands down as the best way to draught-proof your wooden floorboards because of its ease of application and effectiveness.

Easy draught-proofing sounded perfect to me so I popped over to the StopGap website and used their calculator to order the correct amount of product, which arrived in a pleasantly pleasing small envelope (no waiting in for the postman to knock, this slipped easily through our letter box).

How to draught-proof your floor boards

All you need to get going is the StopGap, a pair of standard scissors and some kind of old credit card. And that's it! This is an easy afternoon job. The StopGap comes with easy instructions but, just to show you how simple it is, here's my 1-2-3 tutorial.

Begin by cutting the corner off the bag....

How to draught-proof your floor boards that you have a little corner to feed the end of the tape out.....

How to draught-proof your floor boards with StopGap

The StopGap tape has a pre-made foldline running along it so you simply press it into a v-shape.

How to draught-proof your floor boards with StopGap
How to draught-proof your floor boards with StopGap

Make sure you start by giving the cracks between the floorboards a good hoover and a scrape to get rid of hundreds of years of dust (yeeeuch).

How to draught-proof your floor boards

Slip the tape between the floorboards, with the pointy base of the V facing down. Keep feeding it in from the roll until you get to a wall, or the floorboards get too close to one another (in which case there will be minimal draughts so you don't need any product there). At this point, snip the StopGap to size.

How to draught-proof your floor boards

Run the credit card gently over the StopGap. It should be pressed until it rests on top of the joists below the floorboards so that it can't be dislodged.

How to draught-proof your floor boards

The brown StopGap is virtually invisible as it blends in so well with the natural shadow. Even in this close-up it's hard to see....

Here's a video that show the process in real time. It really is this easy!

The finished look will appear something like this, which means that you still have exactly same feel as before: that gorgeous, natural patina from years gone by. No damaging my floorboards with glues or nails.

How to draught-proof your floor boards

And you can finally enjoy being lovely and toasty and warm
{which means you'll quickly recoup the cost from savings on your heating bill}!!!


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Glynis said...

Hi Sarah, what an excellent and timely post. I have very draughty sliding sash windows and had been wondering what on earth I could do with them. Within 5 minutes of reading your post I'd ordered some StopGap after seeing on their website that it's also recommended for windows and it arrived yesterday.
What an excellent product: cheap, effective and easy to apply. I wouldn't have found it without your post thank you.

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