Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Favourite Cabbages And Roses Hatley Projects....So Far!

So, these are some of my own personal most favourite ways that I've used Cabbages and Roses Hatley. 

We've chosen Cabbages and Roses Hatley in Pink (not to be confused with the Rose colourway, which is altogether lighter) as an accent fabric for our living room. So far, it's appeared on four feather-filled cushions, which go so well with the Clarke and Clarke Nantucket fabric The woven cotton of the Nantucket and linen of the Hatley tie in beautifully. And the pink helps to soften the whole room.

Now, the more fashion-conscious among you will now that Rose Quartz was announced as one of Pantone's Colours Of The Year but, in actual fact, whether in or out of fashion, this is a colour I've always loved. Soft and feminine, without even the smallest hint of sickly sweetness. 

Do you remember, we used this same fabric for the curtains in the girls' bedroom in our last house....

Modern Country Style: Case Study: Farrow and Ball New White and Cabbages and Roses Hatley in pink Lots of images of New White in different rooms and lighting conditions Click through for details.:
Curtains in Pink Cabbages and Roses Hatley

And the gorgeous bucket bag I made (and still use!), in Cerise Hatley...

This is a design I'll never get bored of. Ever, ever, EVER!

Some of you have been asking how we managed to get such plump-tastic sofa cushions. Never one to keep my secrets to myself, that's where we'll be meandering very shortly here on Modern Country Style!

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