Wednesday, 9 November 2016

My Junk Shop Table Revamp!!

I found this old table for a song at a junk shop locally and saw straight away that it could look gorgeous. And doesn't it just?! So what, I'm often asked, do I look for in furniture? What gives a piece the X-factor?

The Shape: it's solid and chunky and curvy, these shapes ALWAYS appeal to me
The Structure: it's incredibly well-made and will withstand all my children can throw at it (hopefully not literally!)
The Age: this is a period piece but not so slavishly so that it will hold me to a certain era.

If these three are right for you, then chances are that the look will please you for a long, long time.

A coupe of weeks later and it was delivered to a mid-build family room!! I set to work with my trusty sander to strip back the top. The existing stain was a little too red for my liking. It's a job I usually put off, shying away from the mess and dirt, but given that there was so much around anyway, I dived straight in!

After giving the top a gentle stain of antique pine wax, I set to work with my Autentico Chalk Paint on the base. Now I'm sure you know that chalk paints are designed so that you don't have to prime but this baby needed all the help it can get to withstand family life so, first things first, out came the primer. 

Autentico paints come in a vast array of colours and finishes. I've always loved their products (see here and here) before and loved them but had been waiting for an opportunity to use their chalk paint in Reindeer for ages so I was extremely pleased to see how beautifully it went with Farrow and Ball Hardwick White on the walls of our family room. This was my chance!

This table was crying out for a pretty rustic finish on the bottom of the table so, delightfully, a rough application method was all that was needed. 

Two coats of Autentico Reindeer (now firmly one of my favourite shades, though their are a gazillion to choose from!) later, plus a coat of their furniture wax, and my gorgeous table was ready to rumble!!

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MyLittleBlueDog said...

It's hard to see the finish as the table is quite into the distance in these photos. Looks like a nice table, maybe your idea of cheap and mine is different?

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