Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Modern Country Downstairs Cloakroom: Sourcelist's the post to answer, in one place, all your questions about how this gorgeous look was put together. So many of you have asked me questions that I thought it was worth pulling together a Sourcelist post that puts the answers in one, easy-to-access place.

Let's start at the bottom and work up, shall we? These are the stunning Indigenous Burgundy limestone flagstones. I searched high and low for the perfect pillowed, antiqued flagstones. These are a variety of gorgeous honeyed tones and are my absolute holy grail of flooring.

Let's talk loos! I am smitten with high-level toilets. They add a kind of old-fashioned glamour to an otherwise very functional space. Ours is from Lefroy Brooks.

The tiles pull this room together so perfectly. We've used a few gorgeous choices from Original Style; I've picked the Cosmpolitan Ogee Moulding Border tiles in Pumice (20 x 3, the  Cosmopolitan Field Tile in PApyrus (13 x 13) and then Cosmopolitan Half Tiles (10 x2 0) in Pumice all from their Residence range. 

See the way the light bounces off each of the hand-made tiles? It's those top three rows that pull this whole room together. And the colours work together wonderfully.

The nickel and marble loo roll holder is again from Lefroy Brooks.The diddy little basin is from Bathstore and is the best tiny period basin for small spaces like this.

The tap is a real showstopper. It's by Crosswater. I really struggled to find a single hot-cold monobloc tap in a traditional style that I liked and this one ticks all the boxes!

This beautiful light is from Garden Trading. It's the Paris Classic Pendant Light from Garden Trading

And last but by no means least, the beautiful bespoke paint colour is by Fenwick and Tilbrook. I'm a massive fan of their lime-based breathable Claypaints for older houses. It doesn't matter how the light changes in this room, this colour ALWAYS looks the bomb.

And there you have it! Small but perfectly formed!

Take Care Until Next Time,

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Thursday, 12 November 2020

The Best Small (Tiny!!) Sink!

What a strange time it's been! But we're back with a bang!! Let's dive right in and immerse ourselves in loveliness, away from the news, away from the stress.....


Modern Country Style

How GORGEOUS is this bathroom? I absolutely adore bathrooms in period homes that look as though they've been there for yonks. But what's a girl to do when she wants a champagne look in a lemonade-sized space (and does that metaphor even work?!)?

Modern Country Style

Opting for reclaimed or using classic shapes when choosing sanitary ware helps this process tremendously. However, very often the pieces that give that look are just too big for more diminutive rooms. Take a look at these luscious bathrooms and see what I mean...

Modern Country Style

Even the shallowest one I could find was 50cm deep (Burlington have a completely drool-worthy Edwardian cloakroom sink with washstand that was juuust too big for this space). I scoured and rooted around until I stumbled upon this gorgeous little basin from Bathstore. 

Modern Country cloakroom

And when I say little, I mean little! It's sticks out just 30cm from the wall but is perfectly formed! Try to make sure the plumbing is extra-neat beneath little sinks because there is no hiding those pipes!There just wasn't room for a washstand, though I whined and pleaded with myself for days to no avail. 

Tiny Sink

My advice would be to go for a simple, SMALL classic basin and find your wow-factor elsewhere. I chose to channel the KAPOW into the tiles, the loo and the limestone tiles, not forgetting the tap.

Modern Country Bathroom

Take care until next time when I'll be sharing a source list for everything in this room....


Images via morgeous, Drummonds, Mad About The House, Modern Country Style, Modern Country Style, Modern Country Style

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