Monday 11 February 2013

Consevatory Dining At Its Modern Country Best

Who fancies eating under the stars but within the comfort of your own cosy home? Yes, you say? - or was that more of a yeeeessssssssss happy squeal? 

And who, of a summer's evening, wouldn't love to share something deliciously scrumptious whilst watching the soft golden sun sinking lower and lower over the horizon? Hmmm, yes, I suspected there would be more squealing at that suggestion too.

And, do you know what? I'm right with you.
Well, not literally, although wouldn't that be marvellous if I was?

Sitting, chatting happily, over warm, moist chocolate puddings, or just a hot chocolate for the less indulgent among you. And when I say 'hot chocolate', you should know that in my house, that drink means marshmallows and whipped cream atop a steaming, soothing mug of sugary heaven. Life is simply too short to settle for less. Diet hot chocolate? Bleeurgh to that nonsense, I say.

Potential hiccups to watch out for, if you're plumping for this conservatory dining, must definitely include seasonal adjustments. Be mindful that temperatures will be amplified a million-fold in a glass conservatory: sweltering if it receives direct sunlight, and f-f-freezing in the winter because glass isn't a terribly efficient insulator. 

But don't be despondent if your thumping design-heart is set on this idea. There are plenty of excellent solutions for both problems. For example, blinds and good ventilation go a long way towards keeping temperatures down, in our English climate at least.

More effort and expense, perhaps but just look at what you get in return...

A completely blissful space, flooded with natural light; absolutely perfect for casual chit-chat as well as more formal suppers. 

Yes, m'dears, Modern Country Conservatory Dining is officially lush.


Images via: Bright Bazaar, Homes and Property, Unknown, Unknown and HouseToHome


  1. These are all completely gorgeous. Right now our conservatory is of the blimmin' cold variety. Brrrr...

  2. I just love a room with a view
    whether view from above or view from the sides... love your images.

  3. Wow, lovely pics Sarah! I would love to have a dining room like this. With all our snow it would have a very different feel and probably be extremely impractical but hey I like impractical sometimes. :)

  4. Lovely room...I would love to have one of each. A true English conservatory is my dream, although I agree with you about the heat in the summer and cold in winter.

    Have a great week, Elizabeth

  5. Yes. Yes. Yes. The happy and thrilled kind.
    Even in a gloomy day like we're having today I'd love to be there... enjoying the cosyness of not being out in the cold and rain.
    In dreams there's no such nuissance as too hot or loads of snow, right? Thank you for bringing the dream.
    Have a Nice week!

  6. On my list. But may take a while..
    And then I'd settle for any one of them.

  7. First of all, yes, it would be wonderful if we could share a meal together! ;)

    And second, the fourth picture reminds me so much of the B&B near Edinburgh where we've stayed twice. I have very happy memories of my entire family (parents, sisters and husbands, and myself and my husband) sitting around an old wooden table together for breakfast. There was a garden and a potting shed out back too. I miss that place (and the dear people who run it)!

  8. Conservatories are, to my mind, the most luxurious indulgence in the world. With our hot weather, there aren't too many where I live, not for from Los Angeles in Southern California.

  9. Gorgeous, stunning, airy... add some olive and orange trees and there would be dineaven. A way to make it a bit more practical would be to have the major windows facing north and smaller views to the west for the sunset. There are roof lights with the same U-value as a "bad wall". With lime-white walls and stone floor i think the right feeling would be achievable without the hot-cold treatment.

  10. I want a sunroom with a round table, tons of linens and seats six!

  11. Those are some great ideas! How fun to eat under the stars!

  12. A fully loaded hot chocolate under the stars ~ I'm all in :D xx

  13. Loving all this gorgeousness. maybe one day I'll have one in my home.

    Lisa x

  14. Ohhhhh....what beautiful spaces to relax with a glass of wine, Sarah! I used to have a four-season sun room at my previous house. We used it so much that it became our living room! I would love to have one of these at our farmhouse now. We would be able to watch all of the woodland creatures walk through our yard! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. I love conservatory dining rooms, especially in usually gloomy climates like yours and mine! These are all gorgeous. I love the last one best!

  16. Hi dear Sarah, personally I don't like conservatories. They are very warm and lovely in the warmer months, but are freezing as soon as it gets cold. These images are simply beautiful though as I'd say yes to any of them! If only there was a way to keep them warm when we most need them! Have a lovely day! Sharon

  17. These are all so pretty! Conservatories just aren't very common in Canada. I'd love one someday. :)

  18. Hi Sarah,
    They all look wonderful.
    Armed with a good heater and some blankets, would love to spend time in all of them. Can imagine them coming in to their own in the summer months though-
    eating dinner on a balmy summers evening with the doors open. Well we can dream!!
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  19. I think conservatories are more of a British thing, aren't they? I don't see many in the States. We have sunporches rsater than conservatories.

    I swoon over the conservatories I see in the British home decor magazines. If I had land at the back of my house, I would build me a conservatory for sure!