Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Romantic Red Faded Florals: Get The Look

Let's take a languorously long look at fabrics with vintage florals, this time in romantic red. Even the nostalgic qualities of the phrase 'faded red roses' seems to hang in the air long after the words have been uttered. Little wonder, then, is it that there have been enormous numbers of attempts to squish the essence of that phrase into fabric form.
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The range of reds in faded floral fabrics is quite staggering. We'll see reds ranging from the softest umbers, through scarlet, raspberry. crimson, cherry and more...

Clockwise from top: Kate Forman Roses fabric is an absolute classic with its softly neutral background and gentle rose print; faded florals and stripes are a match made in Modern Country heaven...; Clarke and Clarke Marie is 100% linen and very reasonably priced; a stunning window seat with long puddled curtains - try Cabbages and Roses Catherine Rose for similar.

Coarse weaves and dainty rose prints are Modern Country must-haves.

Oooh, yes! 

Clockwise from top: Begin with a paint palette that draws out the richness of your chosen fabrics....try Susie Watson paint in Ramsbury Red, Fired Earth Alabaster, Susie Watson Evening Seas, Farrow and Ball Blue Gray; the wonderful things about reds is that there are so many to choose from, as with this delicious pile of vintage red fabrics stacked upon an old peeling glaucous grey chair; Cabbages and Roses Paris Rose in Raspberry, on a natural linen background; ebay can be a magical hunting ground for genuinely faded florals such as this lovely cotton remnant; the contrast is beautiful between the rich red throw with its soft satin border, and the pillow in Bennison Roses fabric, in their Lipstick colour-way on an Oyster background.

Bo Peep - Honeysuckle Rose

Perfect for the school run?

headboard and pillows in bennison roses in lipstick pink

What a stunning Modern Country bedroom with its stark white walls and bed linen, combined with an over-sized headboard upholstered using Bennison Roses fabric in Lipstick.

Clockwise from top: Symmetry in the chairs and cushions brings a Modern edge to this Country scene; these two seats, both shabby and worn have a quiet charm when combined with faded red florals; Roger Oates does some fantastic runners that bring a timeless elegance to stairs; I adore Emily Bond fabrics - shown here are Wire-Haired Jack Russell on a grey linen union, a bold Red Dashchund on olive linen union and Horses Head in a warm pinkish red.

toile closeup

Even when they're old and worn, classic red prints, particularly in faded florals, keep on giving. This sofa clearly has seen better days but, don't you agree, that its squishy loveliness still looks inviting?

flowers and Cabbages and Roses Hatley pillow decorating detail

Don't be afraid of combining faded florals with real life garden scenes....more on that to come!

Gingham checks and toile combine to give a relaxed French Country feel; stick with similar reds for mixing patterns...and the world's your oyster!; painted white furniture and echoes of grain sack stripes make the best of this bold red quilted throw; Laura Ashley Roses cotton in Berry, and Tinsmiths Gingham check in Red will make you smile every day!

weathered wood. Delicate linen prints

Peony and Sage are a relative new-comer but I love the romance old-fashioned of their fabrics.

cabbages and roses

Make the most of every corner in your home by creating small seating areas piled high with pillows in faded floral fabrics.

Clockwise from top: a perfect example of faded florals making an impact on three different levels -  the enormous drapes at the floor-to-ceiling window, the cosy armchair, with its darling little cushion - there's something in the budget for everyone; with pillows, you can dare to be a little bolder; Red gingham check lampshades from Jim Lawrence; a whole stack of grain sack pillows means there's spare seating for a sudden house full - and can rest in style when not in use; Cabbages and Roses Hatley....say no more!

with Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics

Vanessa Arbutnott brings a slightly more Modern edge to the Faded Red Florals table, showing that, whether your preference is Modern or Country, or, a perfect blend of the two, there's a faded floral fabric for YOU - and not just one, but two, or three...or....!!

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  1. You're speaking my language here, friend. A touch of red in every room, that's my motto! That table runner? And the carpet on the stairs? Ahhhhh!

  2. I will always love vintage cabbage rose florals i think. Beautiful photos and inspiration!


  3. Love all these pretty patterns! Am working on a country style fabric design of my own ,,,Enjoy spring decorating, love from germany!

  4. Hi, I've been thinking about some new curtains for my living room summer scheme...and now you've ruined me because I've absolutely fallen for the Kate Forman Roses fabric, which of course, I cannot afford...any suggestions of cheaper comprables for the faded English roses look? I've already been scrubbing the net but have found nothing yet that comes close.

    Also, what is the fabric of the amazing dress and the enormous drapes fabric in the second-to-last photo?

    thanks for the inspiration,


  5. Red is one of my favorite colors and I realize after reading this, that I have very little of it in my house right now. Hmmm ... I must remedy that.


  6. Now, if only I could put on that gorgeous dress and get in that amazing car, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind driving to work today!

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  8. Really lovely collection of fabrics! Thank you for sharing.

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