Thursday 21 December 2017

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Poncho

Let's talk Modern Country Fashion for 2017...
This winter I'm all about my ponchos.

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Poncho

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Poncho

So much Modern Country Poncho goodness...!
I don't care whether they're in or out of what's trendy and hip right now; I'm interested in warmth, snuggliness and how many layers of thermals I can hide under those bad boys.

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: Camel Poncho

My current favourites are a mix of naturals and nudes. I'm talking camels, charcoals doves and creams...

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: Cream Poncho

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Western Poncho

...and in a variety of textures too. Some ponchos are classically plain - in which case I love a sharp shape to give a bit of contemporary interest....

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Sweater Poncho

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Sweater Poncho

...some are cable knitted for that gorgeous country vibe....

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Cable Knit Poncho

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Dove Grey Poncho

Perfect, no matter what you're shape, or height..
(how cute is this...?)....

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Girl's Poncho

The poncho is one Modern Country Winter Fashion look that just keeps on giving...

Winter Fashion Modern Country 2017: The Burberry Poncho

So you have a favourite Modern Country Fashion piece?
I'd love to hear....

Take Care Till Next Time,


  1. Sarah, I too love ponchos. I especially like the white one you posted and of course the little girl. So comfortable and warm. Thanks for the pictures and Merry Christmas.


  2. I love ponchos too. I think the ones I like best are lighter weight and made of a solid color. The navy one is my favorite. A favorite in my own wardrobe is a dark green one. I wear it all the time. They are very popular in the US right now.

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