Our Old Home

The Renovation part of Modern Country Style
is there because in 2004 we moved to an
Edwardian house in the Cotswolds, England,
which needed a complete overhaul.

We're about half-way through the whole process now and having a blog has been a great way to help me chart all the ups and downs as we work at getting the look we want.

I think you might have guessed that I have a
huuuuuge passion for
Modern Country Interiors.

I find it takes the best of Traditional Country and combines it with a mellowed Modern look, and, perhaps more practically, it stands up pretty well to having our four little children scurrying around the place!

Modern Country Interiors can encompass so many
other looks that I love. I can easily fit in
a bit of Soft Industrial here and a bit of Belgian there,
with a touch of English Country too.
Those can all be accommodated with a bit of a twist to make a look that's completely unique to me.
Why don't I take you on a
whistle stop tour of the
Before and Afters in our home
and you can see what I mean?
{If the tour feels a bit too fast then feel free to click on each of the After images, which will take you to all related posts, which will give you more details and more photos.}
First up, come on through to the Dining Room,
which used to be a tribute to the Eighties - border and all....

Click photo to see all Dining Room posts

The Dining Room before we moved in.

In the kitchen, the units were good quality Shaker-style and in excellent condition but everything else was not remotely to my taste so we essentially did a DIY makeover here. 

To see all kitchen posts, click on photo

Our Kitchen before we moved in.

The bedroom needed a total structural overhaul.
We changed almost every little thing.
It's my haven. My sanctuary.

To see all Master Bedroom posts just click on the photo

Our Master Bedroom before we moved in.

Our shower room is a completely dramatic transformation. It was completely hideous before but now showering is a Modern Country dream! 

To see all Shower Room posts, click on photo

The Shower Room before we moved in

The children's bedroom is a girls' take on Modern Country Style. Still pink, still feminine but peaceful and gorgeous.
{Remember to click on the images to be taken to the relevant series}

The girls' bedroom before we moved in.

And lastly, here's our English Cottage-Style garden.
It's so lovely to sit in with a cup of tea on a summers' evening.

If you want to stay a while longer in our garden, just click on the image to be taken to garden posts.
Each room takes a lot of planning to undo all the bleurgh-ness that's been added in the past....but do I mind?

NO! I love it!
I utterly adore planning every single last detail.

And sitting here and planning our home on Modern Country Style is HUGELY enjoyable for me
I hope you come to love it too.

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