Thursday, 6 June 2019

AMAZING Georgian House Tour

This home that I'm sharing today is a completely amazing example of what we were talking about last time. I first saved this beautiful Georgian home maybe seven years ago and I've just stumbled across it again today.

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

It still looks every bit as gorgeous as when I first excitedly discovered it all those years ago.

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

And that's a sign worth listening to.

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

With so many passing fads in an increasingly fast-changing world, how can you know which are the looks that will endure? 

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

Again, my answer is this: by looking back through your archive of hastily torn out pictures from magazines from years back, or your older Pinterest favourites, or wherever it is that you store away precious inspiration images, you'll find your sense of timeless style coming to the fore.

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

You'll find that some aspect won't excite you any more (there have been some pretty crazy crazes!) but there will be plenty that will. And it's exactly those elements that you should always try to incorporate into any new project because its those same elements that will continue to excite you in ten, twenty years to come.

So, let's take this beautiful Georgian home as our example. What is it that still sings out to me today? I love the colour scheme. 

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

Muted naturals have always, always, ALWAYS made me heart stop in its tracks. I can first remember noticing a muted natural in our family tablecloth when I was a very, very little girl. And it's those same colours that I reach for now because I know that, for me, they stand the test of time.

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

And please do note that  essential "for me" in itallics in the previous paragraph. Taste, lasting taste, is as deeply personal as current fads are ephemeral. You're looking for the loves of your life, not a dull one-night-stand. We want true and lasting romance, don't we!?

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

And, it'll come as no surprise when I say that I completely adore the carefully curated mix here of Modern and Country styles. 

Amazing Georgian House Tour on Modern Country Style

For me, I'll never tire of Modern Country Style because the Modern aspect keeps shifting as time passes, and the Country aspect just pleases me through and through!

Yes. Modern Country Style runs deeply in my veins!

Take Care Till Next Time,

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Monday, 3 June 2019

My Number One Tip For Choosing Your Dream Kitchen

So, my sweets, we've begun The Big Build!!! 

Yes, we've been saving our pennies since moving to our Georgian home and the time has come!!! It's an amazing, rambling house and I feel very lucky to live here but it has needed a lot of work to turn it into the family home of my dreams.

Modern Country Kitchen by Plain English

I'll be sharing every step of the way with you... the ups and downs, the trials and the tribulations. How do you choose an amazing builder? How do you pick the perfect scheme? How do you afford your dream kitchen? How do you need to treat an old house?

Modern Country Kitchen by Chalon

Are you wanting answers to all these questions and more? You're in the right place, my poppets. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's research the be-jingles out of anything interiors-related!!

Let's take a lovely gentle route in and feast our eyes on some kitchen beauties, shall we?

Modern Country Kitchen Flagstones

I've saved these kitchen images over the years and here begins my first lesson for you.... If you know you've got a big project ahead then start filing away those precious inspiration pictures a looooong time before you need them. Why? Because it'll help you to see what dates over time.
Modern Country Kitchen with flagstones

You see, it's so easy to be wept along by the latest fancy trends but when it comes to kitchen designs in particular, you want to be choosing something pretty classic.

ON trend today most definitely equals OFF trend in five or so years time and a good kitchen should last sooooo much longer than that.

Grey Modern Country Kitchen

By all means bring in your current favourite looks with accessories - I'm most definitely not sniffing at passing fashions - and love them to bits while they make you happy but know, with smug satisfaction, that while those accessories may need to be packed away, your gorgeous, timeless kitchen will never look old and tired, if you choose with one eye on the long game.

French Kitchen

Most of the kitchen twinkliness I share here on Modern Country Style falls into exactly that category. Gorgeous flagstones, Shaker style units, softly muted shades: these things NEVER get old.

And that's the kind of home I want to run home to. 
Each day. Every day.

Take Care Till Next Time,
Sarah xx

Images via: so old I honestly can't remember. Please contact me if you'd like to be credited!

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