Friday, 21 June 2019

Farrow and Ball Kitchen Cabinet Colours

One question that I am constantly asked by you lovely lot is which paint colours to use on your kitchen cabinets. And, more specifically, which Farrow and Ball paint colours.

I thought I'd show you first-hand, as it were, by taking 10 super-popular kitchens (for good reason, these really are design classics) and showing you the best possible matches from the Farrow and Ball range.

Here are my favourite 10 Farrow and Ball Kitchen Cabinet Colours....with links where possible to my Paint Colour Case Studies.

Farrow and Ball Blue Gray kitchen

I've spoken extensively about this gorgeous colour here on one of my Paint Colour Case Studies. Farrow and Ball Blue Gray is one of the most changeable colours I know. It can shift from this gently bleached grey to a really powerful sea green, depending on the light in the room. And it'll always be one of my favourites.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon kitchen

The picture above is actually painted in two shades: Farrow and Ball Shaded White (top cabinets) and Farrow and Ball Pigeon. This is more of a recent trend and one that I really love. Top cabinets can make a room look heavy and overbearing if they are too dark so painting them, for example, in the same colour as the walls can help them to recede into the background.

Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Old White

This gorgeous kitchen was recently shared by Mark Wilkinson, my all-time favourite kitchen designers. The island is Farrow and Ball London Clay, a gorgeous earthy brown with sultry bruised undertones. And the main units are Farrow and Ball Old White, which is a warm stony green.

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball French Gray

I love the way Farrow and Ball French Gray can veer to the blue, the green or the grey. Slippy slidey colours, that's what I love. Different lighting? Different colour! Different time of day? Different colour! Just make sure that you love all the different variations before you commit.

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga painted in Farrow and Ball Cornforth White

You really can't go wrong with this gorgeous combination. Try Farrow and Ball Cornforth White on the upper cabinets and Farrow and Ball Plummet on the base cabinets. Perfect for all lovers of grey kitchens! Set it off with cream accessories and you have yourself a stunning Modern Country kitchen.

Farrow and Ball Railings

Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Railings

For those of you who like things a little darker, a little moodier, take a look at Farrow and Ball Railings. It's the deepest darkest charcoal grey you can imagine. But definitely not black. And it has the teensiest hint of the night sky.

Farrow and Ball Shaded White

Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Shaded White

Shaded White is another paint colour from Farrow and Ball that veers around hugely. In some lights, it'll be perceived as a beautiful sludgy cream, in others a gently greyed green and in others a rather disappointing beige. I feel another case study coming up!!

Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Hardwick White

Now this beauty is a serious contender for our new kitchen. We already have Farrow and Ball Hardwick White on the walls in our family room but I just LOVE it as a Modern Country kitchen cabinet colour. Perfectly understated but with enough character to stand out from a crowd of greys; Hardwick White is a keeper!

Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Downpipe

I'm not mad keen on going to the dark side but, if I were to venture forth, this is the way I'd want to take it. Moody and handsome, that's how I like it {insert hilarious men joke here}. Farrow and Ball Down Pipe is most certainly deep and dark but the clever way that it retains its uncertain teal undertones means that it's never overbearing or dull.

Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin

Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin

Let's finish with a classic cream - with a Farrow and Ball twist. Slipper Satin is a gorgeous soft ivory. Not too warm but certainly not cold. It's classic, timeless and perfectly Modern Country!

Kitchens, kitchens.....and paint colours to die for. Was there ever a more perfect combination!!!?

Have a wonderful day...the sun is shining here in the Cotswolds!


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