Thursday, 11 July 2019

A Budget Modern Country Makeover

Before I start on our gorgeous new building work reveal, I thought we'd step back in time and look at our last kitchen, where the basics where in place for a Modern Country Style shakeup...

I get endless questions about this, so why don't you come on over, sit down and let me make you a drink of something delicious, whilst we have a recap...

 Modern Country Style is all about taking the very best of 
Traditional Country's warmth and comfort, 
and combining with a muted, pared-back Modern look. 
Want to know what I mean?
Where better to demonstrate that than in the heart of the home: 
the kitchen?

Here's the hideous before from when we looked round. 
It was like being in a giant egg yolk. 
Harsh but fair.

When we first viewed our house, the kitchen was one of the rooms that I knew would be high on our priority list to change. I thought I hated everything about it until I realised that underneath the lurid colours and dated decor was actually quite a nice kitchen, waiting to be unearthed.

We decided to keep the beech wood worktops and the cream Shaker units but everything else HAD TO GO.

I was astonished how lovely the worktops looked once we'd finished. They changed dramatically from reflecting the walls in a very orange way to having a lovely mellow golden warmth.

We used Farrow and Ball Blue Gray 
and Farrow and Ball White Tie on the walls. 
Have you used Farrow and Ball paints? 
To. Die. For. 
Yes, they're more expensive but the 
Modern Country colours are worth every last penny. 

 I chose cherry red accents, to perk up the soft grays. 

I love simple blocks of muted colours, 
highlighted by the crisp, sharp contrast of white glossy woodwork. 

We had the boiler moved upstairs, which created a space that was just
perfect for a bit of open shelf action. 

The shelves let me display things that I love to have around me. 
{So I can do a spot of ogling any time I please.}

We don't have a table and chairs in our kitchen, so, in the dining room next door, I've used a paler version of the Blue Gray to bring unity to the two spaces. 

I can never get enough of the Modern Country look 
and its delicious yet delicate use of winter seascape colours. 

If Modern Country is a look you love too, 
then stick around and have a good snoop at the tabs at the top....

Take care until next time,

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