Sunday, 2 August 2015

Farrow and Ball Pale Powder: Colour Case Study

Farrow and Ball's Pale Powder is the paint colour we chose for our boys bedroom. It's the softest robin's egg you can imagine. Time for a Colour Case Study? You betcha! Here's the first sneak peek..

Farrow and Ball describe it as 'the most popular of our shades of aqua. It has an unparallelled softness (a description they also used for Pigeon - come on, F&B writers, up your game - and in north facing room can read almost as a delicate grey, but it is rarely cold due to the inclusion of green pigment.' 

I first saw Farrow and Ball's Pale Powder at a friend's house about ten years ago and have been looking for an excuse to use it in our own home. As always with Farrow and Ball, we were not disappointed by the colour. Yes, these paints are more expensive, and, at times, I do have quibbles about painting ease issues, but the colour quality is top notch. 

To give you a firm leading on how accurate the Pale part of the name is, I have heard this colour described as white {insert cries of despair from me ;-)}. White it's NOT but it is true that when surrounded by bright natural light, it takes on a washed-out coastal air.

However, contrast it with pure white and you'll quickly see that Farrow and Ball's Pale Powder stands up well as a colour on its own two feet.

This is even truer if the paint is applied in a small room...

...or where there's plenty of room for the colour to build in a larger room, such as round the alcove below....

Interior designer Katie Ridder says this of Farrow and Ball's Pale Powder: "If you want something clean and neutral but more interesting than white, try this whisper of a color that goes green or blue in different lights. It adds character and a bit of age, it's easy to live with, and it makes a smoother transition to the adjacent rooms, which are full of color."

As a pale but interesting front door colour, it's just perfect! Be warned that it may well be a LOT paler than you expect if your front door is in a sun-exposed position. Take a look at these beauties...

Putting this post together involved sifting through a LOT of misleading images available online. DO not be fooled by some of the darker images floating around hyperspace. They must be photo-shopped, oddly lit or simply misnamed. I don't want you to be disappointed, my paint-loving friends.

Pale by name and pale by nature. This paint is a lighter version of Farrow and Ball's Powder Blue (still available as an archive colour), which we used for our front door six years ago.

Pale Powder gave our boys bedroom such a calm, relaxing feel. It's not a big room and yet it felt instantly more spacious.

Cathy Kincaid, an Amaerican decorator, says: "Everyone — men and women alike — loves this color. It's a pale blue with a lot of green in it, and it's a little dirty, which makes it more complex than the typical pastel. I've used it everywhere, from kitchens to bedrooms. I even painted my office in it. People walk in and say, 'This is how I want my house to feel."

As always, for more colour casee studies, click on through...

If you're looking for a warm, aple blue, with a hint of aqua, I think you've just found your Holy Grail!

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gigantic Gingham Glory

There's something about gingham, buffalo checks, call-them-what-you-will that reels me in every single time in children's bedrooms. They're eye-catching, statement-yielding but rarely seem over-bearing.

Take a look at these inspiration destinations and try and tell me you're not tempted....

My favourite designs for children's bedrooms are the bigger, bolder checks - steer clear of anything fussy for the Modern Country feel.

Papier-Mâché Stag Head | Accents | Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

There are few easier ways to add a flourish of Country to your child's bedroom than gingham bedding. You can actually go fairly bare with the rest of the scheme, if you're a fan of Modern children's bedroom schemes but add warmth with those big ol' checks.

wide board + batten panels plus chunky crown moulding on this warm grey paint color, too.

The rustic, coastal timber bed for Dan's room?

White ceiling, subtle grey green walls, taupe and white check bed linen, black & white photos (of the area?) - casual, lived-in look

Quiet City Bedroom  --  I am discovering I really love guest bedrooms where a twin bed is in a tiny, cozy nook with light wall color to add freshness and airy space.

Rethink space, especially in large homes!  Make those open landing spaces for spare bed setups!  Save spare bedrooms for office, gym, play or craft rooms.

fire place. antlers. buffalo check screen. masculine and beautiful.

Gigantic Gingham Glory: warming the cockles of our collective Modern Country hearts.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Get The Look: Red and Blue Colour Scheme In Your Child's Bedroom

Last time, we talked about children's bedrooms with a blue and red colour scheme. Shall we take a look in a little more detail at how to pull this look together for your own little poppets, by taking a step by step approach to this gorgeous children's bedroom in Bazeley House?

In order to allow the room to grow with the child, I'd advise choosing a fairly neutral background. We chose to use Farrow and Ball Pale Powder (more on that shortly!), a perfect, chalkily soft Robin's Egg shade, but for the look featured here, try Farrow and Ball Lime White.

Once the bare bones are established, it's time to build layers of your dominant colour, in Bazeley House, they've chosen blue, so we see that bright seaside blue in the duvets, throws, the clock, artwork and accessories.

From there, it's time for step 3: add smaller splashes of your secondary colour, red.

Finish with a final flourish of quirky extras to add your own special twist that's unique to you and your children. Time to arrange your kiddiewinks' favourite toys, or first pair of shoes....have fun and don't forget to let me know how you get on!

Images via 1st Option

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Blue and Red Colour Schemes In Children's Bedrooms

My all-time favourite colour scheme in children's bedrooms is red and blue. It has Modern Country Boys Bedroom written all over it.

It's the colour scheme I've gone for in our boys' bedroom and I'm loving it. But before we get to the final reveal, let's take a look at some fantabuous inspiration. 

{Tissues for mopping up drool will be supplied.}

Some of these have their emphasis very firmly on red, with snippets o' blue...

...and others reverse the trend and side with the blue and introduce touches of red...

Some are neutral with accents of red and blue. Greedy?!

Some veer deliciously to the Country edge of Modern Country...

While others teeter on the brink of Modern....

Some are for multiple children...

...whilsy others are for singletons...

Do it any which way you like: in my book of Modern Country, design a boy's bedroom around a red and blue colour scheme and you can't go far wrong!

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