Thursday, 18 May 2017

Home Tour: Cotswold Elegance

How gorgeous is this home in the Cotswolds? Come with me and take a tour of the extensive Modern Country interior.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour

Stepping through that gorgeous front door (more on front doors coming soon...!), we're taken into this enormous hall. Walls are painted in Neptune Moss, a perfect Modern Country shade.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour

In fact, Neptune paints are favoured in many rooms in the house. The living room is in Neptune's Silver Birch paint, a soft grey with greige undertones.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour

In the family room, a more relaxed route has been taken, providing a place for the family to sit in easy comfort. Who wants a house full of stuffiness? Not me, that's for sure

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour

This is my favourite room. A classic Modern Country dining room. The panelled tongue and groove walls are painted in Neptune Moss, a rich sea green/blue, which contrasts beautifully with the lighter elements in the room.

Neptune Moss Paint

The kitchen and boot room are almost Shaker in their simplicity, yet good quality components prevent them from looking characterless.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Kitchen

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Boot room

And then we venture upstairs to the Master bedroom...

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Master bedroom

..bathroom (I'm LOVING that tinsy fireplace)...

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Bathroom

..and Guest bedroom, each with their own distinctive feel...

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Guest bedroom

...but they are linked by those beautiful Modern Country colour palette of whites, soft greys, blues, greens and naturals.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Guest bathroom

And, lastly, this gorgeous attic bedroom. Light, airy and spacious....

Children’s room

There are so many enticingly inspiring ideas for you to take from this Cotswold house. The rattan storage baskets, the lovely wall lights, the Modern Country decor....

Enjoy dreaming, my friends...

Images via Homes and Gardens

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Colour Study: Dulux Trade White

Choosing the right white can all too often turn into an after-thought but, today, will you let me give you my secret to a white that ALWAYS looks good? Dulux Trade White.

Dulux Trade White

I see so many of my clients assume that they should choose Pure Brilliant White. It's easily available, it's cheap and it's what everyone chooses, right? 

Dulux Trade White

Step away, my friends! I almost always lead my clients away from using Pure Brilliant White when working with gorgeous muted shades. {Click on the links to be whisked away to a world full of delicate Modern Country paint colours:

I get so many questions asking which white I've used in the rooms I've decorated, and, let me tell you, the answer is more times than not Dulux Trade White.

Dulux Trade White on picture rail

Yes! It's true. Nothing fancy-shmancy here but no less beautiful for that. It's a beautiful white: simple, soft and clean. But the best thing about it is the way it ages. And please remember to take the ageing process into account, unless you want to be redecorating every year. This is where we firmly part ways with Pure Brilliant White, which can often age to a dull grey (a bit too Modern), whilst official off-white colours can become a little yellower than I prefer (too Country). Dulux Trade White gets better with age, like a good wine. With the passing of years, it'll gradually become ever more lovely: white with the gentlest hint of cream. Perfectly Modern Country Style!!

Dulux Trade White and Dulux Dusted Moss 1

Now for the science bit!...

We used Dulux Trade White High Gloss on the all the woodwork and metalwork in our Modern Country teenage girl's bedroom (top tip: if you have different surfaces to prime in a room, make life easy by buying an all-purpose primer to use under the gloss to ensure extra sticking power, and also to give extra depth of colour. Here, we've used Dulux Trade All Purpose Primer).

We used Dulux Trade White in their Supermatt formula, which is perfect for ceilings in older houses that need to let moisture leave the property to avoid damp problems as it's designed to let new plaster dry out beneath it.

Dulux Trade White and Dulux Dusted Moss 1

Using the same trim and ceiling colour in the majority of rooms is a simple way to ensure a harmonious flow throughout your home. 

So, now we've got the basics right in our Modern Country teenage girl's bedroom, let's start layering up the loveliness, shall we?

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

It's time for the first sneak peek at our teenage girl's bedroom! 
We chose Dulux Trade Dusted Moss 1 in Flat Matt for the wall colour, which I listed here as one of my all time favourite greys for Modern Country interiors.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

But to describe Dulux Dusted Moss as a standard grey is to completely sell it short. It's a beautifully complex grey green, with a hint of blue; worthy of a much higher price point.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

It's always worth remembering when you're choosing greys with subtle undertones that the more warm light (e.g. south facing) your room receives, the greener the colour will look...

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in sunlight

 and the less sunshine it receives, the cooler (or bluer) it will look.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in evening light

Our room brings an extra layer of complication, as so many rooms do, because it's North East facing but it receives extra sunshine reflected into it from the buildings opposite. However, the light is essentially fairly cool. 

And it's the perfect choice for this space. The green definitely comes to the fore but is never over-powering.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

Dusted Moss comes in a number of different shades and Dusted Moss 1 is the darkest and most green. In fact, you'd struggle to actually notice the hidden depths in some of the lighter shades, they read as far more greyed, so this is most definitely my favourite Dusted Moss shade.

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 with chandelier

This is not a colour that changes vastly with the light. As always in my Paint Colour Case Studies, I've taken photos of the room at different times of day and in different lights so that you can see for yourself what you should expect if you take the delightful path of using Dulux Dusted Moss 1...

Here it is at its most green in full sunshine....

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in sunlight

....and here, looking considerably more muted, on a dull afternoon....

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

...and here in cool evening light: see how much bluer it looks?

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in evening light

Dulux Dusted Moss 1 would be fantastic as a painted kitchen cabinet colour. These images show how well it works with white walls for a gorgeous Modern Country kitchen.

Dulux Dusted Moss 1: Click through for The Best Gray Paints For Interiors on Modern Country Style...

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 on kitchen

And here it is gracing uber-cool designer Abigail Ahern's bathroom, contrasting beautifully with that elegant white ceiling and roll-top bath.

Modern Country Style: Designer Abigail Ahern's Bathroom: Dulux Dusted Moss 1- wall colour LOVE!

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 in Abigail Ahern's bathroom

Dulux Dusted Moss 1 is a lovely grown-up colour. Perfect for a girl who's growing into a more sophisticated scheme. 

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1

Even in full sun, there's no hint of taupe or mushroom tones. Dusted Moss 1 stays firmly in its remit to be a gorgeous grey green at all times - no disobedience here! 

If you're longing for a paint colour like Farrow and Ball Hardwick White but are struggling with its taupey tendencies, then definitely take a look at Dulux Dusted Moss 1. It's a winner!

And if you love gorgeous muted shades like this, then you might like to browse through my other Paint Colour Case Studies.....

Colour Study: Dulux Dusted Moss 1 with chandelier

Choosing the right white to go with subtle colours like Dulux Dusted Moss 1 is essential. Stay to tuned to find what we used in our Modern Country teenage girls room!

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Top Twenty Modern Country Attic Rooms And Loft Conversions

While I'm getting on with the dull, messy work of removing the distemper from our daughter's bedroom walls, why don't we pleasantly distract ourselves by dreaming of future projects that lie ahead? Don't tell me you don't do the same!!


Modern Country Style: Swedish/French Style Victorian House Tour

fitted wardrobes:

In our new house, we have a top floor which spans the full length of the huge roof. I'm constantly coming up with new configurations for this floor as there are no internal supporting walls up there at all. This would originally have been a large, shared space for the servants quarters, so, nearly two hundred years later, there is certainly a case to be made for considerable upping of the luxury factor, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.

Attic bedroom!

Homes & Antiques:


Today, let's take a look at my Top Twenty Modern Country Attic Rooms....

Workspace created from an attic! We love this option for transforming your attic into livable space!:

Neutrals and bay window are beautiful! Maybe more decoration? Grand Designs Australia - Series 1-Episode 3: Southport Heritage House  |  LifeStyle Channel:

These rooms take the very best of the cosy, rustic charm that the quirky roof lines and exposed beams can bring, and unites them with a relaxed, contemporary vision that brings these spaces bang up to date without losing a single jot of their identity. Yup, that'll be gorgeous Modern Country Style!

hello bedroom!, can I stay with you a lot?

Attic bedroon:

Beautiful Bedroom:

When it comes to windows, we're lucky enough to have several original windows up there already but we'll certainly be adding as much additional light as we can using VELUX windows.

Crate storage stool in Frivole's attic craft room:

-floor, vanity...Neptune Bathrooms:

Loft Conversion:

Many of these spaces are bedrooms and so I should add that whilst I definitely want additional light by day, a massive advantage of VELUX windows is the fully-fitted blackout blinds that will transform the way you sleep. Not a single chink of light can pass through, if that's what you need. Blissful dreams here we come!

Light and sunny bedroom (image from House to Home):

Nepita.jpg (722×424):

Country Bathroom with Polished Floorboards and Freestanding Bath:

I am determined to squeeze in a dressing room when it comes to renovating our space upstairs. I love the idea of using the space to create a complete haven. And a bathroom. And a guest room. And a study. And a... And a...

Pollyanna, Cotswolds thatched self-catering holiday cottage, Thatched self-catering cotswolds holiday cottage:

Attic bathroom:

Dressing room in loft:

Hmmmmm. Possibly all this attic loveliness is going to my head. I'd better get back to stripping distemper....


Images via Homebunch, Leopoldina Hayes, Border Oak, unknown, Jason Ingram, Wealden Times, Stylist magazine, lifestyle, Susie Watson, unknown, Woonstijl, Homebunch, Hearthandmade, Neptune, Remodelista, Sarah Gordon, Black Tomato, The Room Edit, Unique Homestays, Hooked on Houses, unknown

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