Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Get The Look: Proportion In Georgian Style Kitchens

Welcome back to the new series on Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look. We're going deeper into four key themes of Georgian-Style kitchens: simplicity, proportion, symmetry and materials.

Get The Look: Proportion In Georgian Kitchens on Modern Country Style

{Last time, we took an in-depth look at can catch up here}

 Get The Look: Proportion In Georgian Kitchens on Modern Country Style

Let's focus today on the way Georgian Kitchens have the most beautiful, classic and elegant proportions. Georgians were the absolute masters of graceful golden proportions in their kitchens. 

Get The Look: Proportion In Georgian Kitchens on Modern Country Style

Take a look at some of the kitchens featured today and you'll see that, whether big or small, grand or cosy-country, each one is extraordinarily visually pleasing. 

Get The Look: Proportion In Georgian Kitchens on Modern Country Style

Placing an oversized over-mantel above a range cooker is a fantastic way of bringing in both the height and formality that so typifies Georgian kitchens. You'll always need some kind of structure to hide your extractor fan above the cooker so it makes sense to turn functionality into opportunity and include a statement piece here; overmantels create a natural focal point around the heart of the kitchen: the range. 

Get The Look: Proportion In Georgian Kitchens on Modern Country Style

Another way to bring a good sense of proportion is to NOT go down the route of having the bog-standard array of base and wall units that are in 99% of kitchens. Think outside the box and ENJOY doing so. Why not choose some full-height units to create a larder feel or, if possible, bring in a freestanding housekeepers cupboard?

Get The Look: Proportion In Georgian Kitchens on Modern Country Style

Georgian kitchens are characterised by non-standard cupboards in a variety of shapes and sizes; nothing like our built-for-function units was available then.

Get The Look: Proportion In Georgian Kitchens on Modern Country Style

This may be a case of trial and error in smaller kitchens where space is at a premium because the first priority absolutely must be usability (though it pains me to say it!!) but, where possible, make your kitchen unique, as every Georgian kitchen was without a doubt.

Take Care Until Next Time,

Images via Plain English, DeVol, unknown, The Kitchen Think, Artichoke, unknown, Humphrey Munson

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