Saturday, 28 August 2010

Kitchen: colour decision made....

....and the winner of the Kitchen final colour choice is:

Farrow and Ball's Blue Grey. Whooooooh! *raptuous applause*

My one slight concern is that the colour might be a tad strong all on it's own, so I think we will also be using Farrow and Ball's White Tie on one or two of the walls, yet to be decided. White Tie is officially described as: 'warm/neutral. The white of old, pre-brightened, starched cotton'. Good, useful information.

The Farrow and Ball description of Blue Grey is 'Try to view this colour in isolation from the others.' Uh? Eh? What?

I get what they're trying to say but a little extra information about the colour itself wouldn't go amiss. Yes, I hope you're listening, Mr and Mrs Farrow and Ball.

I'm talking to you. ;-)

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paola said...

The colours together work very well, I think you don't need any information from Mr and Mrs Farrow and Ball..
Thanks for your advices about the translator, but at the end I managed to install, it!!
Have a nice weekend ;)

Room Seventeen said...

Blue Grey and White Tie? I think it's the perfect color combination for your kitchen project!

The Cloth Shed said...

Good choice, can't wait to see the finished results....
Julie x

vosgesparis said...

Think it;s gonna be a fantastic combination.. good luck!

Unknown said...

Love it! That bluey-grey is just beautiful and looks fab with the soft white. Brilliant choice ;)

Rumour has it said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog the other day and for leaving a nice comment!! :)
Happy to meet and follow you! I´m fan of FB-colours and especially love all their blue tones (our bed got the Ballroom-blue).
Best regards, Marjolijn

Leigha said...

Two great paint choices! And way to go on how you select the colors...what an informed consumer you are. (Smile)
P.S. I second that note to Mr. & Mrs. Farrow and Ball.

fortywinks32 said...

Great and simple post you shared. It has such a mythology about it, but it really is just making a common sense! Thanks for pointing that in your post.


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