Monday, 22 August 2011

Summer Loving Week Part 1...2 days to go...

Hello petal.

It's Summer Loving Week. 
Are you ready? 
Do you want a super-special button? 
Your wish is my command....

Here for exclusive use by YOU
{I know, I lucky}
is my Summer Loving button 
to use for linky party posts.

Modern Country Style

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So what are the plans for this week of 
Summer Loving at Modern Country Style?

Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite garden photos.
Then tomorrow, I've got a Summer fashion post just for you.

And on Wednesday
I'm bursting to share some of 
my summer secrets 
to eke out every last moment of sunshine.....

...and, of course, 
Wednesday is also the day 
when I do hope you'll come over and 
share your Summer Loving posts with us all.

 I am officially in love with 
the glorious summer days 
that we are having here in the Cotswolds. 

The light is golden. 
The breeze is warm. 
The days are long and happy, 
with the children splashing about in the garden, 
and me pottering contentedly in the flower beds, 
or sitting down with my favourite book.

There are few things I like doing more 
than sitting in the garden with a good book, 
whiling away the hours. 

The evenings are bringing 
the most lovely, gentle light, 
as we head inexorably into autumn, 
and it's such a pleasure to enjoy these last moments, 
don't you think?

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Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Sarah, Your post today is lovely of your sweet bag on the chair in the garden. We are enjoying summer here as well although it's raining today after 4days of sun and heat. I'll try to join you on Wednesday. Have a lovely day! Pamela

Unknown said...

The days of late summer should be very pleasant ... but here it is piping hot ... and we can not even enjoy the garden
I wish you a beautiful clear day

michelle said...

So pretty my dear! I love early autumn, it is so beautiful and refreshing, still warm enough to be out and about but not dying of heat exhaustion! :)
Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

I'm working away at my party project. Hope it is done for the day :)

It's me said...

I like your bag !! it is pretty !! love from

Blondie's Journal said...

Very sweet post! The days are certainly getting shorter and the light is getting can almost feel fall in the air! What a fabulous idea for a party, Sarah!


Anonymous said...

It has been a wonderful summer and I'm not ready for it to be over. Celebrating the remainder of the season is a definite plus! xo, Diane

At The Picket Fence said...

Just lovely my friend! I'm trying to squeeze out every last ounce of fun from summer too and sitting in your gorgeous garden reading a book sounds like a little slice of heaven. :-) I'll most definitely be back to party with you this week!

the fishermans cottage said...

Hi Sarah, all sounds lovely, we've been enjoying some very lovely sunshine here, looking forward to Wednesday :) x

Cindy said...

Oh my, I love to sit in the garden and read a book, that has been such a special blessing this summer. Normally we have hordes of mosquitoes and we cannot sit out in the garden. But this summer there has been almost NO rain and we can sit out for hours and not be bitten. I love it! This has been such a special summer for that reason and so I have sat out and read so many times.
I look forward to your party!
Hugs, Cindy

Kirsty Girl said...


Dawna said...

What lovely photos!! I really like the one with the rubber boots just showing a little bit. Have a great day,,,,,personally, I am not ready for summer to end. The days are getting shorter ..... fall is around the corner.

Jenni said...

Hello dear Sarah! I can see you are enjoying the last of summer, and I am so glad! The pictures you shared are some of my favorites of yours~ and they definitely capture the essence of summer! :) I am excited about your summer party! I am going to put the cute button for it up right now! :)

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday!


Elaine said...

We are having the most perfect weather right now, inspiring me to join your linky party. Should be fun!

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Alexia said...

Where do I get one of those gorgeous rose bags?? said...

Love this time of year too. Late summer/early fall, it's the best! Hope you're well. I will definitely peek in on Wednesday!

Le said...

hello there dear one ... with four wee babes I just don't know how you find 10 mins to sit in the sun with a book ... i need to re prioritise :) le xox

Travel With Lulu said...

Loving your Hunters that look just fabulous with your bag :) Love love love summer - I will hang on to it with my fingernails if I have to. Can't wait for the linky party :) XOL


Do I see pink wellies peeking out there? So cute.

It sounds like you have enjoyed your summer.


Wendy said...

Why hello fleur, so lovely to see a bit of your garden. I am finding myself wishing I too was in the Cotswolds. It is hot as blazes here in the Pinebelt of Misssissippi and my family is but a few days away from going to Panama City for vacation. Just in time for a hurricane it seems.
A hint, just a hint, of autumn is in the air in the afternoons here too. This has most folks longing for college football gameday weekends and all that goes into it. I'm looking forward to it myself! How 'bout you? :)

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abeachcottage said...

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