Monday, 22 October 2012

Adding Details To The Girls' Bedroom

Today, I wanted to share some more of the details that have really bought our girls' bedroom alive.

First up, may I introduce you to the snuggliest rug in the world? The double soft and tactilicious. If you have a longish, thinnish space to fill, such as this space between the bed and the chest of drawers, then do consider a double sheepskin. It's literally two sheepskins carefully stitched together to make this gorgeous fluffy rug.

When my girlies saw their new rug for the first time, they both rushed over and lay with their little faces pressed into it. That's how inviting it is. 

{One tip is to look out for ivory, rather than cream sheepskins, as they can give a rather nicotine-stained appearance. Yuck.}

Secondly, the lampshade of gorgeousness. I know that when you move into a house, it's so tempting to just put up any old shades until you get around to buying the shade of your dreams.....and then live with those tatty old things for years and years. Don't do it! Lovely lampshades don't have to be terribly expensive to make a room seem loved.

We chose a pretty empire shade from The White Company. Its pink gingham finish ties the room together beautifully. 

It's so easy to pass over lighting but it makes the hugest difference to the final feel of any room....which leads me on to Wednesday's post rather nicely...

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Brandi said...

Such a sweet room for your girls. I love their new rug.

Duni said...

LOVE the lampshade! I need one like that for a side table! The rug really does look super fluffy :)
Duni xo

miss b said...

It's certainly the details that make a room and the rug and pretty lamp are both lovely. Perfect for a little girl's room.

Deborah said...

Gorgeous rug sweetie, pop over to my blog :)

Deb x

Dorset Finca said...

I want to run over and bury my face in that rug- it looks so luxurious! No doubt it would get a name in this household. The sheepskin that I'm currently leaning against on the back of my office chair has newly been called Russell! x

Teresa said...

That lampshade detail is so sweet. A final touch to an already lovely room.

Well done!


I love the gingham lamp shade.

Sarah, our bridesmaid dresses were brown and white gingham. And everyone sewed their own dress ... yes got married in the 70's.

Susan T said...

The last time I was in Ikea they had great sheepskin rugs, huge things four sewn togther and other skins too. I must say I was very very tempted.

Privet and Holly said...

I have a wee version
of that sheepskin for
the sofa cushion that
our little dog Gracie
calls her own. Your
girls have the sweetest
room ~ and the best
mama, too : ) !!

xo Suzanne

Deborah said...

Sweet Sarah that bedroom is just the cutest!
I love the colours and that rug looks so soft!
The lampshade is perfect....and that teddy so endearing.
Your girls must love their room!

Deborah xoxo

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a darling room! I love the soft shades of pink and the rug looks SO comfy! The gingham lampshade is very cute! :)


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

No, there's no tatty old shades in my cottage... You don't know how wrong you are... I have the bare lightbulb look!!! But I agree with you a nice lightining changes everything!
I adore your girls' room... And I love reading your posts on them, just when I'm in the process of de-girlifying the spare bedroom that used to be a little girl's room...

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

The juxtaposition of the soft gingham lampshade and soft sheepskin against the exposed stone is perfect. You've created a wonderful room for your girls.

Cindy said...

The shade and the rug are truly gorgeous! So perfect for little feet and eyes.
Hugs, Cindy

tinajo said...

Lovely room - and thanks for your nice comment, I´ll be back to see what you´re up to! :-)

High Street Cottage said...

Simply Sweet! Don't you just love decorating a girls room? Is that CnR fabric in the curtains? So pretty Sarah!
One of my friends had a rug like that in her living room, she had the most adorable cottage, and it's the coziest rug ever especially with a baby! However you're teasing as we can only see bits and pieces and not the entire room, please say you're sharing the entire room soon, xoxo tami

On Crooked Creek said...

The sweetness of this "girly girl" room makes me want to become a child (in my heart), once again!!! Love your lampshade choice!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - I have had your lovely blog bookmarked for a while now to remind me to come back for a quick peep and this post of your girls' bedroom with the exposed stonework against the soft pinks so reminds me of our little room in a previous old house of ours (that we lovingly decorated for the arrival of our first baby daughter) - that I just had to leave a comment to say you have done a wonderful job and made me miss our old house!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweet, beautiful room! The rock wall though, is AMAZING! I'm in awe of that wall!

Elaine said...

Sheepskin. I love it in front of a fireplace and my kitties love it too!

Unknown said...

The room looks so sweet and picture perfect for little girls! You did such a nice job - your little ones are so lucky to have such a talented mummy :) xxx

the crafty currant said...

I'm just tranfering our nursery from neutral to pinks for our little girls but unfortunately we can't get the curtains to match our bedding set so I'm going to go gingham curtains and lampshade

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