Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Magazine Round-Up: May

Welcome, welcome to May's Modern Country Magazine Round-Up.. Pull up a comfy chair and gather round.

{I'm frequently asked which magazines I recommend for Modern Country Lovers like you, and, in response, have started a new monthly feature where you can see where to find the very best articles, the loveliest pictures and the fabbest of fab freebies....}

 For May's magazine offerings, you really are spoilt. Let's start off with the very gorgeous Period Ideas. 

Period Ideas is jam-packed full of exactly that....ideas. And really fantastic ones; page after page of them.

If you are renovating any kind of older home then may I suggest you start by getting hold of Period Ideas and reading from start to finish.

So many suggestions of where to buy must-have items left my head pleasantly spinning.

A lovely blend of Readers Homes.....

 as well as providing realistic advice about what you can do to make your home that bit better...

 Period Ideas makes you want to go and pick up a paintbrush right now!

Home Comforts: The Timeless Charm Of A Rustic Kitchen, is my absolute favourite  I never can resist the gentle charms of a homely country-style kitchen.

25 Beautiful Homes is next on my Hit List. There are some gorgeous Modern Country interiors featured this month. They'll have you a-drooling!

It really is quite extraordinary the way they manage to find so much gorgeous variation. From teeny terraces to palace-sized pads, there's always something to help you envisage your own home at its best, whatever it may be.

In 25 Beautiful Homes, there's an excellent balance of ideas for both inside and out. This month seems to be gorgeous gardens a-gogo, with nearly every house featured showing some kind of delicious outside space.

Each home comes with its own pointers for wall colours ideas and where specific pieces of furniture are from. 

Isn't this dining space lovely? Just what we were talking about last month, with its free-flowing feel.

Probably my favourite home in May's issue is Style With A Smile.
This home is like nothing you've seen before. It's absolutely chockablock with interest and originality. That face on the wall gets me grinning every time!

 The English Garden is my favourite gardening magazine.

This magazine isn't just a pretty face. 

It has pages of practical advice like this brilliant article on allure the of alliums

and awe-inspiring examples from around England to help you take your garden to the next level...

Offer of the Month Award most certainly goes to The English Garden for this great free Wisteria offer....

This excellent combination of advice and inspiration is thrust delightfully at you on every page making The English Garden a May Must-Have....

And how could I leave out Country Homes And Interiors?

This is a magazine that rarely fails to deliver a thrilling shot of Modern Country Style. From beautiful buildings...

...with heavenly gardens...

to lovely homes...

and buys to tempt at every corner...
{where can I buy that Union Jack throw?}

It also includes thrillingly thrifty crafts if you're feeling the squeeze, like this awesome feature on using old shirts to create perfect prettiness....

Country Homes and Interiors is last but definitely not least in May's Modern Country Magazine Round-Up.

 Which of these grabs your eye?

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Elaine said...

Period ideas is my hands down favorite. I buy it whenever I see it in the bookstore.

I really think British magazines are so much nicer than our American ones.

Maybe I just enjoy the British style of decorating more than American style.

Unknown said...

English Gardens looks like a feast for the eyes ~ thanks for the preview as I probably would have overlooked it in the newsagents. xx


I love British home magazines.

ZoeB said...

What I want to know is ... am I the only person in the ' I can t get rid of magazines '' club ? I really struggle to throw them away. I always feel that I d better keep them because I might need them for reference .

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