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Leopoldina Haynes' Small Garden

If you thought things couldn't get any better after that delicious Modern Country house tour of Leopoldina Haynes' home, you'd be wrong, wrong, wrong! Come on outside into the very small but perfectly formed garden, reached through the back of the kitchen double doors, and see what I mean.

Leopoldina Haynes Garden

Leopoldina Haynes' tiny garden has that heavenly mix of topiary and soft planting, which makes it utterly eye-catching and utterly, utterly Modern Country.

Leopoldina Haynes Garden

Designed in conjunction with Claire Mee Designs, the garden walls are lined with shutterboard cladding, painted in Dulux Chalky Downs 3, a delicious, chalky taupe shade. 

Leopoldina Haynes garden, photographed by Yasunori Shimomura for Modern Living Japan, September 2013.

This is the predominant paint colour (in all its forms) used inside Leopoldina's house so brings a sense of continuity between the two spaces, as well as introducing a light and airy feeling, which seems to  enlarge the small space.

Leopoldina Haynes garden, photographed by Yasunori Shimomura for Modern Living Japan, September 2013.

Leopoldina Haynes' garden has a limited but beautiful selection of plants, with a strong Mediterranean theme, in a tight palette of green and white, with the odd hint of colour

Leopoldina Haynes Garden: outdoor dining

....namely: white hydrangeas...

Leopoldina Haynes Garden: topiary and fig tree


Leopoldina Haynes Garden

myrtle.... {make sure you clock that vintage garden fork and spade!}

Leopoldina Haynes Garden, design by Claire Mee

English roses...

Leopoldina Haynes garden, photographed by Yasunori Shimomura for Modern Living Japan, September 2013.

fig trees....

Leopoldina Haynes Garden, basket planters

olive trees...

Leopoldina Haynes Garden: olive trees and dining outdoor


Leopoldina Haynes Garden

and lavender, in a decorative concrete planter....

Leopoldina Haynes garden, photographed by Yasunori Shimomura for Modern Living Japan, September 2013.

...placed lovingly beneath a vintage French mirror.

Leopoldina Haynes Garden

The table and chairs are from high-end Dutch company Free Line.

Leopoldina Haynes garden

The floor material is river stone and the raised section is York stone.

Leopoldina Haynes Garden, Designed by Claire Mee

Leopoldina Haynes has used a variety of cushions to make the seating more comfortable, in palest mushroom checks and stripes.

Leopoldina Haynes garden, photographed by Yasunori Shimomura for Modern Living Japan, September 2013.

I love the idea of using baskets in soft-grey rattan for planting. These have been simply lined with plastic bin bags, with their bottoms  pierced for drainage. 

Leopoldina Haynes Garden

The hydrangeas look especially beautiful with this treatment - Modern and Country all at the same time. Yummy!

Be still, my beating heart!

Leopoldina Haynes Garden

And the topiary? Oh, the topiary...

Leopoldina Haynes Garden: dining table, olive trees and cladding

Some box balls (buxus) are placed methodically between each of the five olive trees...

Leopoldina Haynes Garden

and others given the same divine grey rattan basket treatment...

Leopoldina Haynes' garden, roses, topiary, hydrangeas and Poppy the pug

Looking back into the house, Leopoldina Haynes has used a darker shade of Dulux Chalky Downs on the window frames, which has been echoed in the colour of the wooden planters...

Leopoldina Haynes' garden, grey window

This garden, though teeny-tiny small, has almost magically inviting properties, enticing you out on a summer's evening....

Leopoldina Haynes Garden: white cyclamins and storm lantern

Modern Country garden heaven, no?

Images via: Leopoldina Haynes and Claire Mee on Pinterest

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Susan @ The Collected Cottage said...

This whole house is just gorgeous, but the small garden space is may fav! I wish I could grow olive trees in Connecticut! That dusty green is something I could surround myself with all the time. They wouldn't like our winters here at all.

Unknown said...

Love the idea of plants in baskets - what a stunning space <3

Lisa said...

This is heaven on earth... simply beautiful... ♡

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing it with us Sarah... x

Unknown said...

Perfection. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more house and garden tours.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love a mostly white and green garden... And white hydrangeas in baskets are the best thing I guess!

Heaven's Walk said...

Totally gorgeous! So quaint, cozy, chic, and elegant! Love it all, Sarah!

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

Beautiful garden! A perfect place for a small gathering or dinner with friends and family.
Patrick Tan

Kathysue said...

I could move right in and not change a thing, except I would have a water feature somewhere, I have to have the sound of water moving. Thank you for sharing this great small, well appointed garden. Loved it and pinned away!

Rustic Maple Elizabeth said...

Stunning! The simple colour scheme and gorgeous greenery are the perfect combination. Hoping to find this look but on a much simpler scale, and with a bit of black, this year for our backyard and patio. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

Samuel said...

Great solution, I am now thinking about a new water irrigation systems for my garden to get great solutions. I think this is an important stage to make your garden healthier and more beautiful

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