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Modern Country Loves: Smeg Fridges

Those people at Smeg are geniuses. You wouldn't think you could make someone go weak-at-the-knees for a fridge, would you? But yet.....just look at this canary yellow Smeg fridge; boy, oh boy, did they do well! 

Browse through any collection of gorgeous Modern Country kitchens and it won't take long to stumble, excitedly, over a Smeg appliance which positively oozes high-end good looks like this cream fridge-freezer.

There's very good reason for that iconic popularity. Smeg kitchen appliances all combine incredible style with everyday practicality. Definitely worth noting that these are award-winning products for how they work as well as how they look.

The knock-on effect of this powerful fusion of construction and concept-cool is that you can be smiling like a school girl with a big ol' crush every time you reach for the perfectly chilled pint of milk nestling happily in your Smeg fridge.

Smeg FAB appliances have a delightful 50s feel that conjures up idyllic American country houses but they combine that retro vibe with reassuring quality. This isn't your usual fridge, or freezer. No, siree!

Designed in Italy, everything from the smoothly curvaceous fibreglass shells to the pleasing click of the door is developed to satisfy the senses.

smeg frige and stove

And because there is a whole range of FAB retro appliances, you can go all out and match in style. How about creating a side-by-side old-school American feel, with coordinating fridges and freezers...or two matching fridge freezers?

Don't forget the dishwashers...

washing machines...

Pale blue Smeg Washing Machine

and even Smeg's range of fires....all with exactly the same must-show-me-off-immediately well-bred elegance...

Grey Smeg FAB style fire.

The look you're going for will be heavily defined by your colour choice: Smeg's kitchen appliances in glossy black can bring a feeling of Cool Country to a minimalist bachelor pad....

Dark and moody kitchen. Poster by RK Design.

...yet the softer looks of the cream Smeg fridge brings an injection of rock-chic cool to a slightly dated rustic kitchen....

And again...

Poppytalk: You Can Find Me Near the Smegs

If you're looking for something completely different, then take a look at Smeg's limited editions. Denim, anyone?

The huge array of colours means that you can bring your taste to every aspect of your kitchen.... matter which end of the Modern-to-Country spectrum you sit at.

Smeg fridges are striking enough to make a much-needed design statement in beautifully big kitchens....

...but still fit well into pleasingly petite kitchens too, particularly if you're looking to avoid wall cabinets but need storage space; after all this Smeg FAB32 fridge freezer contains an impressive 328 litres (though, if you're really short on space. there is a super-small option at only 120 litres).

Great interior design in this modern dining room - Poznan Apartment by KASIA ORWAT

The beautiful blend of functionality and head-swivelling style makes the Smeg FAB range a well-deserved Modern Country must-have.

Images via Smeg, Living etc, Plain English, Period Homes, Country Homes and Interiors, Alive and Well, Desire To Inspire, Smeg, Smeg, Panda's Kitchen, The Minimalist, deVol, Poppytalk, Country Homes and Interiors

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Louise said...

Iconic. It is curious that there are not more inspired by smeg, or at least by the idea that you can sell at high prices for well designed appliances. I would love to have a really small one for my summer kitchen in the orangery, but the tiniest model does not have a freeze compartment, and ice will be needed out there...

Almost Precious said...

They look like great appliances and have nice lines and an attractive style to them.

However I can't get the name out of my mind. "SMEG".

I used to watch the British comedy "Red Dwarf", "smeg" was uttered frequently in that old program and not in a nice way . . . much like "fracking" was used on Battlestar Galatica, or "frell" was used on "Farscape".

So unfortunately when I see the word SMEG I can't help be harken back to that old comedy series - sorry. :D

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Louise,

You're so right - they are gorgeous and worth the extra! Just checked for you and the smallest Smeg fridge does have a small ice compartment.... here's the link.


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Louise,

You're so right - they are gorgeous and worth the extra! Just checked for you and the smallest Smeg fridge does have a small ice compartment....<a href="> here's the link. </a>


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Apparently the name SMEG is an acronym for "Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla", which is Italian for "Emilian metallurgical enamel works of Guastalla". Guastalla is a village in the Italian region of Emilia.

Thank you, Wikipedia! Now, my education is complete!!


MyLittleBlueDog said...

Yes very retro. I have had the misfortune though, to have bought two houses with Smeg ovens and cook tops. Not a fan one little bit, might look quirky but really shocking appliances, just my humble opinion. I think of Lister and think mmm smegging oven. It's certainly good to have a laugh.

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

I agree with MyLittleBluedog. I have several friends with Smeg fridges & they are all looks & rubbish function. A friend of mine counselled me NEVER to buy one!

Jenny said...

Absolutely great kitchens. The all white one takes me back to my grandmother's house and the maid who stoked the stove with wood every morning at 7:00. The one with the denim frig is great. They all are. xo Jenny

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Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

We have a SMEG refrigerator for a year, and we love it. It's so darn cute, and it works well.

Sarah said...

Yeah, you have added really a great new kitchen addition that drew my prompt attention. I have read some reviews already about Smeg's kitchen appliances and their reputation while searching for fridge repair services. But this one seems really different from other. I like the way you made all the texts attractive. Do they have the international store or ecommerce platform for shipping any country in the world? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Olivia writer said...

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