Monday, 23 June 2014

"Love Where You Live: At Home In The Country" by Hammertown Barn's Joan Osofsky: Book Review

A book review with a difference! Love Where You Live: At Home In The Country is the first American book that I've reviewed on here. 

book: Love Where You Live At Home In The Country: Rizzoli

It's written by Abby Adams and Joan Osofsky, who owns the perfectly Modern Country home and garden shops, Hammertown Barn, in New York and Massachusetts. The stunning photos are by John Gruen.

Love Where You Live is all about making your own home a place that truly reflects you. Joan says, "I've learned that the best homes - the ones that are beautiful comfortable and that weather the years - are those that truly reflect their owners' passions" 

This is a chic, updated version of American Country style. Gone are the garishly bold colours and chintzy fabrics. Throughout the eighteen homes that are featured muted palettes dominate...

...along with soft industrial touches, such as bare brick walls...

exposed brick country kitchen

...and stripped-back interiors.

But that's where the coolness ends. These homes, despite their deliciously modish style, imbue warm, relaxed, country living.

And the exteriors are as breath-takingly inspiring as the interiors....

Love Where You Live is America at its Modern Country best! 

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Elaine said...

That looks like a lovely book. I love the brick wall and timbers in the home. The last photo with the exterior shot is reminiscent of many homes in my area of Massachusetts. There are many historic homes on the North Shore that look like this home.

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