Monday 15 September 2014

Hydrangeas, Topiary And Boxwood In The Modern Country Garden

Hydrangeas and boxwood, boxwood and hydrangeas. A perfect pairing for the Modern Country Garden. Call it what you like: boxwood, buxus, box but the effect is the same: utterly Modern Country. It's the softness of the hydrangeas coupled with the formal structure of low parterre box hedges and topiary.

Hydrangeas and topiary from Modern Country Style blog: How To Use Topiary In A Modern Country Garden

Symmetry Hedges of Fagus sylvatica and Tilia europaea 'Pallida', Buxus and Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'.

Truly, can you EVER go wrong with topiary, hydrangeas and a Lutyens-style bench? 

Green  white

Swimming pool in a garden by Howard Design Studio.

Box hedging is a great way to support hydrangeas, preventing any indecent lolling about on the soil as the heads grow ever-plumper.

White Hydrangeas//

Boxwood hedge and white hydrangeas.  Maybe this will keep my hydrangeas from falling on the ground

Stark contemporary gardens with natural filling and warm hospitality

If you are set on a particular colour of hydrangea, growing in pots with the right acidity of soil is a good way to go.

hydrangeas in pots + boxwood

Potted bay + hydrangeas

So, before we rush ahead to the nitty-gritty of which Modern Country Hydrangea varieties I recommend, let's get you in the mood by feasting your eyes on these yummies!

Design Charlotte Rowe MSGD / photo © Marianne Majerus / on TTL Design

The hydrangeas look especially beautiful with this gray rattan basket treatment - Modern and Country all at the same time. Yummy! Full details on Modern Country Style blog: Leopoldina Haynes' Small Garden

Can you see the way the hydrangeas add a bit of femininity to the slightly masculine style of the harder edges of the buxus hedges. Trying very hard not to sound sexist?!

container planting with topiary and underplanting...

Tuinieren - Je voortuin als visitekaartje

The same is true of the clipped edges of these topiary balls. The hydrangeas are the Grace Kelly to their Fred Astaire. Separate: lovely. Together: perfection. 

Lush terrace

Pond, topiary and hydrangeas

Any severity of the half-standard lollipop trees and topiary cones is tempered by the slightly blowsy heads of the hydrangeas.

Green growing


Hydrangeas and boxwood work stunningly together in small front gardens or stately homes. Don't be afraid of using this Modern Country garden combination in even the smallest of spaces. 

boxwood and hydrangea for the front of the house - Marcus Design

Voortuin. Leuke blokken met boompje erin Door claudiabijvoet - so simple and perfect - less is more.  The topiary contrasts beautifully with the Hydrangea bed to the left.

Annabelle hydrangea in a formal garden. Behind the hydrangea is a pleached hedge and beneath it a small, tightly clipped box hedge.

White hydrangea box hedge garden path

In fact, can you imagine a whole garden devoted to this look? Hydrangeas, topiary and low box parterre hedges everywhere you look? 

{Ooh, the Modern Country Style treats I have in store for you!}

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The Snowdrop Project said...

Oh Sarah,
Absolutely love this post.
My favourite combination of plants.
Have a lovely week,
Liz x

Anonymous said...

What a treat to look at these gardens with my first cup of coffee! - Karen

Ann said...

Those are exquisitely lovely gardens. I love hydrangeas and we have them in our last house but now that we moved I totally miss them.

Bmore Bungalow said...

Few things make me as happy as pretty flowers. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite! Lovely post.

jaosnsmskth said...
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