Monday 1 February 2016

Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth - The Best Of The New F&B Paint Colours For 2016!

STOP PRESS!! Farrow and Ball have released nine new paint colours for 2016! There are some fantastic Modern Country tones in there and, this week, having had the privilege of using them all already, I'll be giving you the low-down and sharing my favourites new Farrow and Ball paint colours with you. 

Farrow and Ball New 2016 Paint Colours!
Farrow and Ball New 2016 Paint Colours!

Farrow and Ball Shadow White, Worsted, Cromarty and Peignoir
Farrow and Ball Shadow White, Worsted, Cromarty and Peignoir

The new Farrow and Ball paint we're looking at today is...

Drop Cloth

Farrow and Ball say...
The colour and its name is a nod to painters and decorators; a drop cloth is the traditional name for the indispensable painter's dust sheet which this colour embodies. It reads as neither too yellow, nor too grey and is the perfect contrast to the slightly lighter Shaded White. It is a pure neutral that feels soft and familiar. Drop Cloth is a step away from the cooler greys that have dominated the contemporary home, being more sensitive to the natural world and reflecting outdoor space.

Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth
Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth
And their little video...

Modern Country Style says....
Farrow and Ball have really come up trumps with Drop Cloth; it's one of their cusp colours - that is, you're never sure whether you've been gazing at a grey, a stony greige, a green or a blue. See how it gathers momentum in the conrners? And for those of you who think this is a boring beige, just look at how it contrasts with the brown of the floor. Drop Cloth is packed full of subtlties and it's for that reason that it definitely goes into my favourites box. Yes, Drop Cloth is Drop Dread Gorgeous!

This is how it really looks...

Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth
Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth

With some of their new marketing material the images are way off how the colour actually looks but they've done a good job with Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth. What you see is what you'll get....a delicious mirage of gorgeousness.

Last week, I was busy painting our dolls house with the new Farrow and Ball colours ready for a super informative post on Relics of Witney on all the new 2016 paints. You can see that here...

Images via: Modern Country Style, Farrow and Ball, Modern Country Style

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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I got the colour card on Monday and I was very excited. But I don't think "Drop Cloth" is my favourite... I think there isn't enough "blue" in it for me.

debra in hawaii said...

I had funky yellow bamboo floors, which are now covered in FB floor primer. Now I need a paint color for those floors. I'm looking at drop cloth as a possibility. My walls are the right white, a restoration hardware color.
What do you think of drop cloth for floors? Any other FB colors you could picture on floors? Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this. I'm considering all the fb greyish colors. thanks for your beautiful website, by the way. I love your style!!!!

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