Monday, 18 April 2016

Belgian Style Interiors: Living Rooms

So...let's talk again about Belgian Style Living Rooms. I have had thoughts of these rooms buzzing around my head for the last few months as we prepared for the last wave of building work.

Belgian Style Interiors

Belgian Style Interiors

I've searched high and low for the very best Living Rooms which combine Belgian Style with Modern Country Style. Not too stark but no hint of florals for these babies!

While the dust is settling, metaphorically and, sadly, still literally too, I thought I'd take you on a kind of mind tour so you can see right into the depths of my creative processes. Scared?! You should be! 

Modern Country living room....:

Gorgeous Modern Country living room:

It's that magical combination of the five key elements of Belgian Style Interiors that gets me every time.

Belgian Style Living Room

Belgian Style Living Room

Do you remember we've talked about the use of texture, bare wood, a little soft industrial chic, used furniture and....

Belgian Style Living Room

Belgian Style Living Room

a restricted colour palette....
{which we haven't yet covered this last element of Belgian Style Interiors but it's coming your way veeeerrrry soon!....

Belgian Style Interiors

Belgian Style Interiors

....with details of all the colours we've been using, as heavily requested by you lovely lot}

Belgian Style Interiors

Belgian Style Interiors

It's sooooo good to see a long-loved plan come together!

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