Thursday, 18 May 2017

Home Tour: Cotswold Elegance

How gorgeous is this home in the Cotswolds? Come with me and take a tour of the extensive Modern Country interior.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour

Stepping through that gorgeous front door (more on front doors coming soon...!), we're taken into this enormous hall. Walls are painted in Neptune Moss, a perfect Modern Country shade.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour

In fact, Neptune paints are favoured in many rooms in the house. The living room is in Neptune's Silver Birch paint, a soft grey with greige undertones.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour

In the family room, a more relaxed route has been taken, providing a place for the family to sit in easy comfort. Who wants a house full of stuffiness? Not me, that's for sure

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour

This is my favourite room. A classic Modern Country dining room. The panelled tongue and groove walls are painted in Neptune Moss, a rich sea green/blue, which contrasts beautifully with the lighter elements in the room.

Neptune Moss Paint

The kitchen and boot room are almost Shaker in their simplicity, yet good quality components prevent them from looking characterless.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Kitchen

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Boot room

And then we venture upstairs to the Master bedroom...

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Master bedroom

..bathroom (I'm LOVING that tinsy fireplace)...

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Bathroom

..and Guest bedroom, each with their own distinctive feel...

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Guest bedroom

...but they are linked by those beautiful Modern Country colour palette of whites, soft greys, blues, greens and naturals.

Modern Country Style Cotswold House Tour Guest bathroom

And, lastly, this gorgeous attic bedroom. Light, airy and spacious....

Children’s room

There are so many enticingly inspiring ideas for you to take from this Cotswold house. The rattan storage baskets, the lovely wall lights, the Modern Country decor....

Enjoy dreaming, my friends...

Images via Homes and Gardens

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What a beautiful and inviting home! The colors are soothing but interesting, and as an American anglophile, I can just imagine that the location is equally lovely!

Viktor Okiro said...

Really beautiful and amazing. I enjoyed the tour of the home with through these amazing pictures. I love the home, Especially the living room. I like as it decorated. Keep sharing more beautiful pictures like this.

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