Friday, 14 September 2018

Top Ten Vintage Kitchen Ideas

I've been a busy bee, my lovelies!! Very busy indeeeeeeedy. We're planning a huge new building project in our new house. And part of that project will involve planning a whole new kitchen.

{Short pause to let excited screaming commence}

vintage Kitchen - I really, really like this! I'd just add my own touches to it :)

I've never had a new kitchen before. Actually, I tell a lie. We did install a cheap-as-chips kitchen in our very first flat to replace the tired old thing that was there but that was really only for selling purposes.

This will be my first Kitchen Of Dreams.
And I cannot wait to take you on that journey with me.

'spoon' handles

Today, I want to introduce you to the charms of the Vintage Kitchen. Two words which actually cover a surprisingly wide range of different looks. Whether you love timeless...

Google Image Result for



or modern...

Above: In a Shaker-inspired kitchen in London by DeVol, a pulley-system drying rack (often used in English bathrooms and laundry rooms) provides an over-the-range venue for tea towels and kitchen accessories. See more at A Shaker-Inspired Kitchen in London and Object Lessons: The Sheila Maid Clothes Airer.

...the Vintage Kitchen look is one that will add charm, character and warmth to any kitchen space. That could be by binging a touch of softness to a stern and stark set-up....

Mid Lead by Little Greene

or by giving a starkly characterless new-build an aged patina it so desperately needs.

This gorgeous kitchen by Room With A View shows how perfectly the vintage kitchen look can work with older properties. Check out that gorgeous cobbled floor!!

Debbie from 'Rooms With a View's gorgeous kitchen

It's all about finding the balance between the old and the new. Nobody wants a jumble sale vibe going on. And the line can be surprisingly fine between old tat and carefully curated kitchen.


If you're a lover of vintage chic then you might want to consider keeping the colour palette on the neutral side to give the whole look a gorgeous modern twist...


You knew I'd find a way of weaving Modern Country Style into here somewhere, right? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!

Take care till next time,

Images via Indulgy, Belgian Pearls, Remodelista, Remodelista, i gigi, Living etc, Room With A View, unknown, propsandstyling

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1 comment :

Cathy (aka Catherine) and Bill (aka William) said...

Ohhhhhh... Sarah!!! How exciting! And lovely. And I CANNOT wait to follow along with your new project!

I just finished designing and coordinating the renovation of our 1980's condo in Victoria, British Columbia. Our Vintage kitchen was my favourite - both in planning and in the results.

I am so excited about being able to share, Sarah, in this wonderful journey of yours.

Thank you sooooo much,
Cathy (the sailor who is back on solid ground after doing our circumnavigation in our little sailboat... just the two of us.)

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