Thursday, 24 January 2019

Get The Look: Gorgeous Georgian Kitchen!

Wasn't that GORGEOUS Georgian Kitchen utterly scrumptious? Now it's time to weave that Modern Country magic I promised you...let's break the interior right down, so that you can see how easy it is to Get GORGEOUS Georgian Kitchen Look in any house.

Here's a reminder of just how heavenly it is...

Georgian kitchen in Farrow and Ball Blue Gray on Modern Country Style

Feast your eyes on an example of a similar kitchen but this time in a new-build. See how the flagstones are there, the wooden beam has been given a place above the AGA and the units on the right of the image have been given the look of a dresser?

Get The Look by Modern Country Style Gorgeous Georgian Kitchen!

BUT it's all been taken down a notch. The flagstones are smoother, lighter, softer. The paint choices are subtler, more muted (try Farrow and Ball Hardwick White and Dulux Dusted Moss for the island).There's no pretense here of trying to BE Georgian. Instead, there are careful nods to this look throughout: bringing character wherever possible.

So enough unpicking, on with the specifics!!!....

Get The Look by Modern Country Style Gorgeous Georgian Kitchen!

Clockwise from top: The GORGEOUS Georgian Kitchen look suits newer Modern Country Style properties too. Paint a dresser in toning paint to that of your kitchen cabinets for a timeless, free-standing kitchen feel; try Farrow and Ball Railings, Farrow and French Gray, Zoffany Architect's White and Benjamin Moore Pewter for a contemporary take on these paint colours to enhance the Modern Country glow; simple rustic touches make all the difference here....the right flooring, carefully chosen simplicity, all add up to create a beautiful whole.

Get The Look by Modern Country Style Gorgeous Georgian Kitchen!

And another shot of this newer kitchen. I love how they've included lots f rustic materials: glass, metal, wood, stone. How can these gorgeous flagstones, laid in softly random rows, fail to add character to any property?

Now, here's a good rule of thumb. The newer your home is, the more restful and calm it needs to be in order to pull off this look. Of course, there are exceptions and, if you want a riot of colour then please riot away...

Get The Look by Modern Country Style Gorgeous Georgian Kitchen!

Clockwise from top: Even if you own a new-build, white walls and French grey cabinets is a scheme that suits any period of house...perfectly Modern Country; if you live in a more contemporary home, stick to simple, clean lines in your kitchenware; I love this palette of Little Greene Shirting, Benjamin Moore Doily, Little Greene French Grey, Earthborn Gregory's Den; Classic Country pieces in an unfussy, modern white bring this scheme to life.

You see? *sigh of relief* The GORGEOUS Georgian Kitchen look can be yours whether you have a derelict barn on waiting in the wings to be decorated or in the tiniest of cottages, or the grandest of modern homes.

Take Care Till Next Time,

Images via: Daily Mail, Fine and Country, Modern Country Style moodboard 1 (Border Oak, Pinterest, Garden Trading), Fine and Country, Modern Country Moodboads 2 (Sims Hilditch, The New General Store, Le Creuset)

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