Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Top Ten Agas In STUNNING Kitchens

To Aga or not to Aga? That is the real question!
And, to be honest, I'm still not sure what the answer is....

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga painted in Lichen by Farrow & Ball
Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Lichen 

Let me lay out my quandary for you, while you feast your eyes on the Top Ten Modern Country Kitchens With Agas...

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball French Gray
Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball French Gray

The main point is the look of the almighty Aga. Yes, there is not much that beats the Aga in terms of cosy, country kitchen looks. Agas have become a quintessential part of any imagined rustic idyll. 

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga
Try Farrow and Ball Hardwick White for this look

They deliciously dominate the room, with their warmth, their size, their amazing design: chunky, curvy, timeless.

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga Kitcen in Farrow and Ball Shaded White and Pigeon
Top kitchen units painted in Farrow and Ball Shaded White. Base units in Farrow and Ball Pigeon

But, but, but....through extensive research, I've come to realise that the look seems to be the only true advantage.

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga

You might say, what about the heat? Many people find them unpleasantly hot. You're basically paying for a massive radiator to be on whether you like it or not. Not really eco-friendly.

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga Kitchen painted in Dulux Dusted Moss 1
Walls and kitchen units painted in Dulux Dusted Moss 1

And then there's the fact that when Agas get unbearably hot, you have to turn them off for half the year, so you need another oven anyway. That seems crazy-thinking to me.

 Modern Country Kitchen with Aga
Try Little Greene Normandy Grey for this kitchen style

And who could forget the cost. Not only the initial outlay but the ongoing an,d frankly, hefty running and maintenance costs. This can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds...

 Modern Country Neptune Kitchen with Aga

The temperatures are unpredictable too. I love baking and I don't want 'warmish', I want exact temperatures. I want to know where I am when I'm cooking...

 Country Kitchen with Aga

Now there are certainly ways around some of these issues: reconditioned Agas are widely available for a fraction of the price.

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga

And it's possible to get Agas with add-on attachments to provide year-round usage. Granted, these attachments make the final product gargantuan, but they'll prevent the look of an oven here, an oven there, an oven over there......

Modern Country Kitchen with Aga

So you see my predicament? I'm in a Modern Country Style pickle! I just cant get away from those stunning, stunning LOOKS.

I'm completely torn. Can you tell?

Take Care
Until Next Time,

Images via: Christopher Peters, Plain English, unknown, Chester and Morris kitchens, unknown, Country Homes and Interiors, Davonport, Neptune, unknown, inknown, Ideal Home

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Casa Très Chic said...

Wow! That's my kitchen style. Absolutely wonderful!
Greetings from Brasil

Cathy (aka Catherine) and Bill (aka William) said...

Hi Sarah!

I love, love, love the look of the Aga ranges and would kill to have one... having said that I also agree with all of your concerns.

I wonder if Aga would consider making changes to accommodate these valid concerns? I am sure (?) they would have many more people considering a purchase if they just made a few changes to address these environmental/economical issues.

Thanks for yet another wonderful post!

Happy Spring from Cathy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Sarah, I understand completely. It's unbelievable how much I love the look of the Aga, especially a black one that would let me feel like I was cooking on an ancient cast iron wood stove. And I love the *idea* of the Aga. But it simply is not practical, as you described so well.

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Unknown said...

Have you considered an Everhot (shown in the Davonport image with the LG Normandy Grey recommendation)? It's fully electric, almost all models have the option of two hot plates, or one and one induction plate. Each oven and hob is fully controllable, there's eco mode... the list goes on! When our kitchen renovation starts we'll be ordering ours!

Nhà Bếp Hoàng Gia said...

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Home Insights said...

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