Monday, 21 October 2019

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look

We all know that if we actually lived in the olden days, in glorious Georgian England, it most certainly would not have been constant fragrant roses in our hair and genteel country walks but, in the name of creating beautiful Modern Country Style interiors, let's agree to conveniently overlook all the rest: agreed?!!

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look on Modern Country Style

Now, actual Georgian kitchens would usually have been in cramped basements with very little natural light and not be the gorgeous, airy spaces we demand today. However, we can draw on plenty of other Georgian influences to help us pull together a wonderful Georgian-style kitchen that amalgamates the best of both worlds.

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look on Modern Country Style

Four areas that I'd like us to particularly focus on are simplicity, proportions, symmetry and materials.

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look on Modern Country Style

Let's take each of these elements and break them down one by one....

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look on Modern Country Style that you know exactly how to make this look in your own home.

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Images via Plain English, Kate's Creative Space, Plain English, Christopher Peters

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