Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Country Cottage Tour

The Christmas pixies have visited our house. The Christmas tree is up, be-baubled with a whole plethora of decorations from the loo-roll nativity our eldest bought home from nursery many years ago, to the treasured favourites from when I was a little girl myself. 

Yes, tradition is my middle name at this time of year. 

And today's Christmas House Tour from Country Homes and Interiors mixes that traditional Christmas feel with Modern Country stylishness to perfection. 

Yes to gentle neutrals, a big nod to pared-back interiors but no stinting on full-on Country warmth, brought in largely through those gorgeous touches of red, sprinkled generously throughout the house. 

This is a look that would have looked as lovely ten years ago as it does today...and will in another ten years, I should imagine. Perfect for a traditionalist like me, who can never bear to throw a single Christmas knick-knack away....when I buy Christmas-style, I buy for life...

Images via: Country Homes and Interiors

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Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Perfectly beautiful!


I have always been drawn to red and white.


Connie in Hartwood said...

Agreed! Totally traditional and timeless is BEST!! Your home is lovely.

YONKS said...

Your open door looks so inviting. The house looks beautiful. Thanks you for letting us take a peek!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Beautiful images. I especially like the dining room - simple and gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Love, love, love. Traditional is the way to go this time of year C:

rusty duck said...

It's lovely Sarah, very much the look I want to achieve as we go through our own cottage.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

It is gorgeous, isn't it? But just to be clear it's NOT our house! ;-)

For our house tour, see the tab at the of the blog!


Cassie Bustamante said...

beautiful! i love that bedroom!

louise said...

Gorgeous. I love white with a dash of red.

Teresa said...

A Gorgeous Welcome to Beauty and Celebration!
So so lovely, Sarah!
Happy and Blessed Holidays!!!

michele said...

so gorgeous, sarah!


Ann-Marie ~ Brambly said...

Lovely, cozy and inviting!

Privet and Holly said...

So much yumminess.

I am using red quite
sparingly this year,
but these images have
me thinking that the
theme next year will
be "Bringing Red Back!"

Happy Friday!

xo Suzanne

Sarah Miles said...

I am asking Santa for your house for don't mind.....?

On Crooked Creek said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas Home Tour!
The absence of little children shows in much of the Home Decor Magazines. I could see and feel those little ones around the tree, table and dashing throughout the a mannerly fashion, of course! Such warmth in this post!!!

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

How lovely, and cosy. Just want to grab a good book, cup of tea and stay awhile. Thank you for sharing! Minerva x

Heaven's Walk said...

THIS is your house, Sarah....??? Oh my gosh, it's just beautiful!!! Just like something out of a fairytale! You are seriously an amazing decorator and stylist. I just love it! :)

xoxo laurie

Elaine said...

Love all the shots. What a great lantern at the entrance. I have a lantern obsession for sure.

My favorite style is warm and cozy. A fireplace, a cozy throw, and some greenery. Really that's all you need.

chris said...

So, so lovely. What lovely inspiration. Hoping your Christmas is coming along splendidly.

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah, love the red in the home decorations especially the tree, looks beautiful! I've been out of blogland lately with laptop trouble of the worst kind, but back now and catching up with some delightful reading on your blog! Best wishes as we embrace Christmas! Sharon x

Cindy said...

A very gorgeous Country home, I love all of the red and the natural greens, too.
I love classic looks, they are always stylish.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see how you have decorated your own house, I bet it looks gorgeous. Have a very merry Christmas xx

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