Monday, 10 December 2012

Large Lights: Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas

Lighting can make or break a room. If your house feels in the doldrums then just look at these rooms for inspiration. See how the lighting lifts them into the stratosphere style-wise.

Дом в Швеции 6

Looking at the basics of your home BEFORE you decorate for Christmas allows your special festive pieces to shine out, out, out.....but if the foundations aren't in place then the extra layer of Christmas sparkle can just create clutter....and, you know, there's no faster way to make it onto Santa's Naughty List than clutter, no matter how prettily it sparkles.

Hotel  Monteverdi Tuscany 8

Large lights bring the room right into centre-stage, whilst creating atmosphere and warmth at the same time. Multi-tasking at its best. So what's a girl to do?

Keep her eyes peeled for eons for just the right piece? Check, check,'s just not happening...aaaargh!

House and Leisure Дом в Йоханнесбурге 3

Or choose her very own bespoke shade and feel every inch a princess?

In the New Year, I'll be revealing all. 
*excited squawks*

Images via: Skeppshoman,  Hotel Montiverdi, 79 Ideas, Nicety

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Tricia said...

You and I must be thinking alike. I just put a up a new light over my dining room table and I'm really liking the new look...feels fresh. I'll have to pop back over and see what you've done :)

Unknown said...

After doubling the size of our house last year-I'm officially lighting obsessed. Can't wait to see what you did C:

Robynne's Nest said...

What have you been up to...I'm not returning to Australia without an armful of vintage industrial lights...need a couple for my new (now old) kitchen...and perhaps a couple for the next house (the one by the beach that hubby says we are never having)...Robx


Our home could use some cool pendant lighting ... but since we are renting, we stick with lamps and lots of them.

Happy Christmas to you, dearest.


rusty duck said...

I could happily spend Christmas in pic no 2 - oh so cosy.

Casa Très Chic said...

Love the Flos pendant and the last one, those are really perfect.
Have a nice Tuesday.

michele said...

gorgeous inspiration, sarah.

my giveaway just opened up to everyone internationally, so it would be a pleasure to welcome you to it:

i hope you win!



louise said...

Love the industrial lights in second photo.

Any thoughts on bathroom lighting with a sloping ceiling Sarah? I'm trying to avoid spotlights but it's got me stumped.

Privet and Holly said...

Can't wait to see
what you have up
your {gorgeous}
sleeve, Sarah!!!

Hoping to connect
with you on my next
trip to London. I'm
saving my pennies,

xo Suzanne

Unknown said...

Love the industrial lighting! I'm on the hunt for some gorgeous ones for a friend - they want a rustic, industrial feel and these will be perfect for the dining room :) xxx

Mimi said...

I love large lights in a room. I especially like the large drum shade chandeliers.

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