Monday 3 June 2013

Colour Study: Earthborn Gregory's Den

I'm very proud to present our Dining Room paint colour reveal!  We used Gregory's Den by Earthborn. I struggled long and hard to find this perrrrrfect paint colour; I was a woman on a mission.

Here's a reminder of the Before state of our Dining Room. We took this photo as the previous owners were moving out. Dotty wallpaper plus border plus LOTS of varnished orange pine!

Here's another picture, facing the other way:

I wanted a lighter version of the paint I picked for the kitchen. F&B don't do lighter and darker versions of their colours generally so I had to ....shock, horror....go elsewhere! 

Earthborn's Gregory's Den was a brilliant match for a lighter, less coloured version of Farrow and Ball's Blue Gray. I am quite extraordinarily pleased with the flow-through effect between the kitchen and dining room. 

Earthborn's Gregory's Den is my favourite kind of colour: is it grey? Is it green? Is it blue? Yummy! 

Gregory's Den used to be called Treehouse, which caused a great big muddle with getting hold of the paint, let me tell you. The only place I've found to order it online is here

Earthborn paints have an incredibly chalky, matte finish, which looks utterly beautiful but, I have to say, isn't the most practical for sticky little hands so I am expecting to have to touch this up a fair bit.

Remember that this was a quickie makeover, rather than a rip-out-and-start-again. However, there was so much room for improvement that we decided to work with what we had and invest elsewhere.... but that that hardly seem to matter. The power of paint is incredible. Isn't it amazing what £50 can achieve!?

We're SO thrilled with this room. Strangely, for a room that wasn't completely over-hauled, this is one of my absolute favourite places in the house! The creamy grey of Earthborn's Gregory's Den is a fantastic start to one of my favourite makeovers ever...
More details coming soon!


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Sarah, this is stunning.Strong work.
I liked your descriptions ... is it grey? blue? green? I like paint that has different moods, too.

Many happy meals and memories in your beautiful dining room.


beachhutcook said...

Looks a great room to be in. A lovely to room to share happy mealtimes together.

michele said...

love it, sarah. i know how tough it is to find that perfect blue-grey, and you've found a winner!

smiles to you.


Cindy said...

Isn't it amazing what the perfect paint colour can do. Your dining room is beautiful!

louise said...

Wonderful colour and a lovley room Sarah. I love a paint that changes shade according to the time of day.

Unknown said...

Beautiful as ever ~ xx

rusty duck said...

What a transformation!

Anonymous said...

I love the color. You are right when you said depending on how you looked at the wall it could be green then it could be grey. It is a much needed improvement from what it was before. If only it were more practical for little hands.

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