Monday, 24 February 2014

My Top Ten Farrow and Ball Front Door Colours

The time has come to take a delicious detour into the world of Farrow and Ball-painted front doors. One of the lovely things about Farrow and Ball paints is the way they change so much in different lights and never more so than when on a front door.

Here's our front door...

Front door paint Farrow and Ball Powder Blue
Front door in Farrow and Ball Powder Blue

...which is currently painted in Farrow and Ball's Powder Blue Gloss paint. It's served us well but it needs a fresh new coat so.....

Here are my top ten Farrow and Ball front door colours....

1. Farrow and Ball Hardwick White
2. Farrow and Ball Railings
4. Farrow and Ball French Gray
5. Farrow and Ball Green Blue
8. Farrow and Ball Lamp Room Gray
9. Farrow and Ball Card Room Green
10. Farrow and Ball Ball Green

This rustic door is painted in Farrow and Ball Hardwick White, a gorgeously uncertain grey-taupe. 

Front door paint Hardwick White by Farrow and Ball
Front door in Farrow and Ball Hardwick White

Next up is this French-style door, painted in dark-and-moody Farrow and Ball Railings.

Front door in Farrow and Ball Railings
Front door in Farrow and Ball Railings

This lovely door is painted with Farrow and Ball French Gray.

Door in Farrow & Ball's French Gray No.18
Front door in Farrow and Ball French Gray

We already have Farrow and Ball Blue Gray in our kitchen but it's a strong contender for our front door too...

Victorian front door in Farrow & Ball's Blue Gray no. 91 in exterior eggshell
Front door in Farrow and Ball Blue Gray

Farrow and Ball Green Blue gives a French Country feel.

Farrow and Ball Green Blue French Shutters
Shutters in Farrow and Ball Green Blue 

This front door is painted in Farrow and Ball Pigeon which is sometimes green and sometimes grey, depending on the light

Victorian front door in Farrow & Ball Pigeon No. 25 exterior eggshell
Front door in Farrow and Ball Pigeon
Farrow and Ball Downpipe changes dramatically depending on the light; it moves from a murky charcoal to a definite deep teal.

Farrow and Ball Down pipe front door
Front door in Farrow and Ball Down Pipe

Farrow and Ball Lamp Room Gray is restful and serene...and a little bit industrial chic.

Farrow and Ball Lamp Room Gray front door
Front door in Farrow and Ball Lamp Room Gray 

Farrow and Ball Card Room Green has a delightful country cottage feel.

front door paint Farrow and Ball Card Room Green
Front door in Farrow and Ball Card Room Green

Farrow and Ball Ball Green creates that elusive Cotswold front door vibe.

Farrow and Ball Ball Green front door paint
Front door in Farrow and Ball Ball Green 
Over the coming posts, we'll take a look at each colour in depth...

It's so hard to choose! I'm dying to know...which is your favourite from my Top Ten Best Farrow and Ball Front Door Colours?

Images via Modern Country Style, Lynn Gill, mydesignchic, Farrow and Ball, Voysey and Jones, houzz, Voysey and Jones, Rightmove, Sels, Raw Silk and Saffron, Vintage Heart

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ZoeB said...

If I paint anything else in Hardwick White my husband will mutiny!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Perhaps that's his way of asking you to paint HIM in Hardwick White? ;-)


Anonymous said...

We've done ours in Green Smoke and it looks fabulous against the red brick - really pleased with it. Several of the other colours you've referenced we have in our house though!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I really, really loved pale powder... But, I understand the need for a change every now and then. My favourite is probably "Green Blue" and it's funny you say it looks "French", then second favourite is blue grey (is it "gray"?) and I also like the look of the last two greens on bricks. I can't wait for new colour studies! They are always fascinating.

Anonymous said...

You mean we have to choose? Hmmfph! I'm going with "Railings" (love that brass against it), Hardwick White, Lamp Room Grey, and Card Room Green - especially against stone and slate.

Elaine said...

I am loving that French Gray. So rich looking. Would love to paint my little office that color.

Unknown said...

Sarah, it would be brilliant if you could do a similar post on front door colours that go well with our local ironstone (Hornton stone and other quarries) - as you move east from the Cotswolds, into Northamptonshire the stone goes darker, with red / rust (hence ironstone!) tones, and shading into blue / greys. The stone is spectacular, but plain white is too harsh, the creams too similar to the grout, so in resisting the temptation to go Cotswold greens, have you seen any more successful combinations ?

Earl Mark said...

Those are all very enticing colors that you have chosen, I can definitely see why you enjoy them so much. When did you become such a connoisseur of doors? You have a great eye and an obvious passion for all that is involved with the process of choosing great decor!

Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Does the entrance hall or room need to reflect similar colours to the front door.
I would really love a green door, but this steps directly into my family/ dining room that I have recently painted blue. I am happy to go with a blue door but not sure whether I need to? Please can someone give some opinions thanks 😊

Annamae said...

I love Ball Green. I don’t come across it very much. I have my front door in this colour with salmon pebble dash and charcoal and cream tiled porch.

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